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Wonder Why Employees’ Focus Keeps Waning? {Infographic}

October 22, 2014 / Employee Engagement

Today’s workforce carries more responsibilities than ever, but the inability to focus is running rampant in the workplace. Our latest survey, Driven By Distractions: Why Employees’ Focus Is Waning At Work & What You Can Do About It, features responses from 1,000 participants (not Virgin Pulse members), and reveals what’s distracting them on the job – and ways they can regain their focus.

With a laundry list of obligations and an equal amount of disruptions, employees find it difficult to maintain focus on the job. So, if it’s not their work, what’s got employees’ attention? The survey found technology disruptions and overly-social co-workers are two top culprits.

Productivity and focus “hacks” abound, and there’s a whole bunch of options available to employees to help them keep the distractions at bay – but maintaining healthy habits trumps them all. An impressive 70 percent of respondents say their health habits have a noticeable impact on their ability to focus at work.

But here’s the bottom line: whether your workforce is totally tuned in or completely unfocused, you can help by investing in employees’ well-being— and your people would welcome the support.

View our infographic below to understand more about what’s distracting employees at work and how healthy habits help keep them focused.


Read the report’s full findings and check out five actionable tips to improve employee focus. Download the full survey report.

Margaux Novak, Marketing Communications Manager, manages public relations and social media at Virgin Pulse. Merging her knack for reading everything in sight with her slight risk-taker tendencies, she’s always up for trying out newly researched marketing campaigns. Apart from this, Margaux is an avid traveler, photographer, and publishing poet. Follow her on twitter: @margauxnovak

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