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Give your population vital person-to-person support.

People need people – a personal guide, cheerleader, partner, or expert advisor.

Whether a member has questions on how to make lasting changes, process a traumatic event, or simply how to connect a device, our team of experienced professionals is here to listen and empower them. Our NCQA-certified programs feature coaches with training backed by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaches who are ready to provide support no matter where people are in their healthcare journey.

Virgin Pulse provides the right help at the right time for everyone. Armed with a variety of degrees, certifications, and life experiences, our team emphasizes choice, autonomy, and small steps that build self-efficacy and lasting results. 

Our person-to-person capabilities

Diabetes condition management

A collection of digital therapeutics for diabetes prevention and weight management that takes a targeted approach to behavior change, combining the best of smart technology, consumer-friendly tools and a specialized coaching team for those at-risk of developing lifestyle-related chronic conditions.

Benefits Guides

A concierge-style engagement conversation to educate, motivate, and engage. Includes a once-annual consultation to help members understand their health status and guide them to best-fit programs and resources to help achieve their goals. Guides are then available year-round for quick questions to keep things on track.

Screenings on-demand

With flexible options, including on-site events, walk-in collection vouchers, physician forms, and Home Test Kits, we can facilitate convenient screenings for your diverse population with fast, reliable results.

Whole person coaches

Health equity is possible with person-to-person support for lifestyle, health, and condition management. Interactions with coaches can be telephonic or via chat. With a person-first approach, holistic coaching furthers equal access to health outcomes and helps members thrive.

Mental health coaching (open availability)

Members get timely access to credentialed coaches trained to address anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health concerns to help members cope with life’s challenges today and tomorrow.

Workplace health and wellbeing specialists

With a dedicated workplace health and wellbeing partner, you get deep subject matter expertise, cultural workplace integration, and a professional resource all in one – providing an unmatched level of localized support to address the needs of your members and your organization.

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Life-Changing Member Experiences

I was surprised at how effective coaching was for me. My biggest takeaway was realizing I had anxiety. I never knew what the symptoms were and always thought it was everyone else and not me. That was pivotal for me in the process. It [helped] me realize what I was doing on a subconscious level to manage a state I was not ever aware of. I now recognize it and make different choices or just observe. It has been a life changer.”
Mental Health Coaching Participant – 2022
“[My coach] has been wonderful to work with. She is patient and offers good, practical ideas for making changes to improve my health. And she recently encouraged me to make an appointment with my PCP for a concern I had, which uncovered a significant issue and led to treatment. Coaching is such a great opportunity and I am thankful for having this available through [my employer] and the enterprise!”
Lifestyle Coaching Participant – 2022
“[My coach] is a nurse and understands diabetes. I consider [my coach] a very needed addition to my team of healthcare providers. She helps me keep motivated to follow through with my goals even though life is not perfect right now.”
Condition Management Coaching Participant – 2021
[To my Guide], thank you… You gave me more than I bargained for… It’s the motivation I needed to start my weight loss journey. I appreciate all the tools and resources highlighted during the call.”
Next-Steps Consult Participant, 2022
“[Our Workplace Health & Wellbeing Team] has adapted wonderfully with all the challenges that we faced with COVID-19. I love how quickly [the team] was able to provide virtual everything to keep us healthy and active. THANK YOU [to this team] for always being there to support us physically, emotionally, financially and socially.”
Workplace Health and Wellbeing Participant, 2021
“I appreciate the fact that my company cares about me as a whole person, not just an employee. This opportunity for life and health coaching is one way my company demonstrates their commitment to me which motivates me to stay committed to them.”
Lifestyle Coaching Participant, 2022

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