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New innovations across Virgin Pulse's Homebase for Health®

Unify and simplify employees' health journey by integrating health, wellbeing, safety, benefits navigation and care guidance into a seamless, intelligently orchestrated user experience.

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Your Homebase for Health®

Health is personal. Homebase for Health® simplifies the human experience. Our vision is to eliminate uncertainty by assisting people in navigating their health journey. Homebase for Health® makes it easier for people to understand and take action towards their personal goals.

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Changing Lives for Good®

Our solutions deliver on the Homebase for Health® vision and transform the mental, physical, financial, social, community and emotional health of organizations and their people by empowering, inspiring and engaging them to make small, achievable changes in their regular routine.

By weaving relevant and trusted nudges into our member’s daily, established routines, we are able to drive meaningful change and measurable health outcomes through sustained empowerment.

Delivering Healthy Outcomes through
Homebase for Health®

Our Homebase for Health® vision unlocks the value of all your health investments – integrating your wellbeing, conditions management, benefits navigation, partner programs and point solutions into a smart, open, flexible and “better together” ecosystem and delivering a unified, highly personal, empowering and change-enabling experience for your employees and users. We connect people to their wellbeing by infusing behavior-based science and advanced personalization in one, experience, custom to each individual.

You own your own health, and Virgin Pulse empowers you to change your life for good.

Wellbeing Engagement

Helping members improve wellbeing, safety and performance.

Digital Wellbeing Platform

Digital Wellbeing Platform

  • Flexible and extensible total health engagement platform that drives sustainable behavior change and delivers measurable outcomes.
  • Brings together wellbeing, condition management and benefits together in one simple to use and intelligent platform.
  • Backed by more than a decade of experience and the latest behavioral science, the solution helps members achieve success every day by building and sustaining habits that form intelligent routines.
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Global Challenge

Global Challenge

  • Holistic wellbeing solution that harnesses the power of friendly, team-based competition to build healthy habits and drive collaboration across your organization.
  • Turnkey solution that can be rolled out in days for organizations looking to kickstart wellbeing and support healthier, happier and more engaged employees.
  • Personalized solution that allows members to forge their own unique health and wellbeing journey.
  • Learn more about VP GO.
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Concierge Screenings Suite

Concierge Screenings Suite

  • Onsite biometric screenings and vaccinations, offsite options, and blended solutions meet the unique needs of your organization.
  • Dedicated Screening Coordinators deliver safe, compliant concierge services to help your team focus on people, not process.
  • Custom, omni-channel communications strategy engages hard-to-reach populations.
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Return to Workplace

Return to Workplace

  • Critical health, safety and crisis response solution to safely reopen workplaces and effectively navigate the next phase of this crisis.
  • Combines monitoring tools, real-time reporting and a communication and engagement platform to facilitate a safe, healthy and smooth return to the workplace.
  • Enables an effective, data-driven return to workplace strategy with real-time visibility into workforce’s return readiness through dashboard.
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Condition Management

Helping members manage chronic conditions and improve health outcomes.

Live Coaching & Guidance

Live Coaching & Guidance

  • Telephonic & Onsite Coaching: Virgin Pulse Coaches take whole-person approach and establish 1:1 relationships to provide ongoing support across behavior change, lifestyle and condition management.
  • Next-Steps Consult: Virgin Pulse Guides deliver a multi-purpose concierge service, with personalized guidance to re-engage your employees in routine and elective health care.
  • Program Coordinators & Managers: Virgin Pulse Program Coordinators serve as hands-on team members who support wellbeing program goals from the ground up. Resources are tailored to meet your specific needs and can be virtual or onsite.
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Digital Therapeutics

Digital Therapeutics

  • Evidence-based, CDC-recognized digital therapeutics tailored for those at high risk of developing chronic lifestyle-related diseases.
  • With a proven track record of success and best-in-class outcomes, our digital therapeutics provide our customers with an effective, affordable, and connected solution that yields demonstrable ROI.
  • A high-touch and low-cost targeted approach to behavior change that’s delivered remotely. Combines tried and true evidence-based and multi-modal curriculum, connected hardware, with a smartphone app complete with behavior tracking tools, a social support group of peers, and a professional health coach.
  • Each program employs a behavior change philosophy that embraces moderate, sustainable, and steady lifestyle changes that last long after the program is complete.
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Condition Management

Condition Management

  • Engages and supports members with health conditions in multidimensional, tailored ways that lead to positive outcomes in health indicators, member empowerment and healthcare cost reduction.
  • Personalized annual care dashboard surfaces evidence-based care guidance emphasizing preventive care to avoid illness, absence and health situations by closing gaps in care.
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Benefits Navigation

Helping members easily find, navigate to and better understand benefits.

Benefits Navigation

Benefits Navigation

  • Consolidates health, wellness and financial benefits solutions into one engaging, personal experience to decrease costs, and provide peace-of-mind in the individual health journey.
  • Intuitive and intelligent recommendation engine increases benefit awareness and utilization with personalized communications that reach the right employee at the right time.
  • Dedicated team of experts provide real-time support and help members find the benefit information they need.
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Partner Collection Offer

Partner Collection Offer

  • Seamlessly connects members to whole-person health and wellbeing experience. Seven partner categories in a one-contract buying solution, at considerable cost savings, exclusive to Virgin Pulse. 
  • Choose from the most sought-after partners in seven categories including mindfulness and resilience, nutrition, physical activity, musculoskeletal health, tobacco, financial wellbeing and family health. 
  • Access everything from one single point of entry—one log-in on one platform. Partner solutions integrate into members’ daily routines to instantly increase partner visibility, utilization and adoption. 
  • Learn more about VP+. 
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Adaptive Partner Network

Adaptive Partner Network

  • Expand the options to meet specific member needs. Virgin Pulse’s growing network of 50+ partners offers flexibility to tailor on-demand health and wellbeing solutions to the unique conditions, demographics and preferences of any workforce.
  • Pick and choose from a vast ecosystem of third-party benefits and wellbeing solutions that easily integrate into a single-platform member experience. Partner solutions can be sold, contracted and invoiced through Virgin Pulse to minimize administrative burdens.
  • Personalize the member experience though an intelligent recommendation engine that engages with each member differently to deliver relevant partner offerings.
  • Discover our partner network
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The Virgin Pulse Difference

Global Scale and

Rich Data Layer and Intelligent Personalization

Flexible Integration Framework

Omni-channel Content and Communications

Data Security and Privacy Framework

Real-time Program Insights and Analytics

Client Support and Strategic Consultation

Versatile Rewards & Incentive Engine

Comprehensive Care with Meaningful Results

  • Engagement


    21 days - Average number of days a member engages per month

  • Behavior Change


    75% of members reported positive lifestyle change

  • Health Outcomes


    $1,029 Average per member savings in annual health care costs

Learn How Organizations Like Yours Are
Changing Lives and Businesses for Good

“Every company wants to do more work with less people. When you encourage employees to exercise and eat healthy, you’re going to have more productivity in the workplace.

Kim McCracken - Vice President Senior Benefits Administration

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“We’ve found that true partnership by challenging each other to deliver a continually better employee experience."

Jennifer Gentry - Benefits Program Manager

“We know that employees who are thriving in multiple areas of wellbeing and maintaining joy in their work have more energy and resilience while providing amazing care to our patients. Plus, taking care of our greatest asset is simply the right thing to do.”

Melanie Cumbee - Director of Organizational Health and Wellbeing

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“I like the ability to customize and integrate all of our different health and safety initiatives into the Virgin  Pulse platform.”

Jamie Aslin Team Leader – Ergonomics, Health, and Wellness

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"Virgin Pulse has brought out the best in our culture."

Stan Gergen - VP for Total Rewards

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"When you put your people first, profits will follow. And when you have happy employees, you will have happy customers as well."

Beata Kashani - HR Director, Total Rewards

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