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2024 can be an inflection point in your career. Thrive Summit will be both the spark and the fuel you need to make it happen!   

There’s nothing quite like our annual conference, Thrive. With a bucket list-worthy lineup of mainstage speakers breaking down pivotal career and life moments, leading brands sharing ways they are changing more lives for good, and authentic connections with some of the most accomplished people in your field, Thrive Summit brings together the entire health ecosystem to learn, collaborate and define the future.  

It’s a comprehensive yet intimate experience, attended by health and marketing executives, people leaders, and more who face similar challenges and drive to results. We tackle big topics like workplace culture and health, population engagement, patient acquisition, member experience, and more. Attendees gain actionable, real-life strategies for evolving programs and achieving positive outcomes. 

As we prepare for Thrive Summit 2024, we are taking a look back at iconic Thrive moments from over the years with Nathan Limbach, Senior Director, Strategic Solutions – Navigation. 

For over a decade we’ve hosted Thrive across various platforms and cities. Which is your favorite location, and why? I’ve been very lucky over my nearly 10 years at the company to experience many of the wonderful locations and hear from world-renowned speakers of Thrive. Miami in 2018 really stood out as exceptional. Access to South Beach every morning for a walk, a run, or sunrise yoga helped start each day off with a bang. 

If you had to choose your favorite Thrive Summit, which would it be and why? If pressed, my favorite Thrive location was New Orleans in 2019. The first night, the groups dissipated throughout the city and got to experience some of the world-class culture and cuisine the city had to offer. It may have been a late night, but getting to really know clients and consultants personally is one of the best side-effects of a great Thrive.  

Most memorable Thrive mainstage speaker? Perhaps because it was one of the last times we all got to experience the energy of a full room before the pandemic, but during the 2019 Thrive in New Orleans, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi message of how a focused approach to eliminating stress in one’s life is an essential arrow in a quiver to combat aging and burnout is something I think about often. This message helped immensely the following year when stress was at an all-time high. I have found that Thrive Summit is full of small and large timely messages that help in unmeasurable ways. 

How is Thrive different from other conferences?  The energy of Thrive is unmatched compared to other conferences. From sunrise runs to late night dance parties, Thrive delivers. After most conferences, I find myself exhausted on the plane ride home, after Thrive I am energized and briming with ideas and our clients and consultants are as well.  

What do you think makes Thrive special to attendees? The tailored approach to networking. I find other conferences difficult to navigate but Virgin Pulse does a great job introducing clients and prospects to others in their industry or has similar obstacles for success. Significant connections can be fostered during the event that can flourish from there. 

Any funny or insightful behind-the-scenes moments?  Planning for a Thrive in April in Salt Lake City was fraught with anxiety. Good weather in late-Spring in the mountains is far from guaranteed; rain, sleet, snow, or all the above were in play. The plan was to host the en-blanc party on the roof top the first night, we were all nervously checking our phones for updates on the weather, but in true Thrive fashion, the night was warm with a light breeze featuring an incredible sunset that turned everyone in white to various shades of pink, orange, and yellow. Absolutely memorable. 

What’s one thing you are looking forward to in Atlanta for Thrive Summit 2024? Big cities feature their own energy, so bringing the already high-energy Thrive to a big city is exciting and bound to be memorable. I can’t wait!  


Nathan has been at Virgin Pulse for nearly 10 years and is currently our expert on all things navigation. Keep an eye out for him and many others from the Virgin Pulse team in Atlanta. 

Visit the official Thrive Summit website to learn more about THE juiciest event of the year and register today.