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A faster path to first fill and refills.

Medication non-adherence is a $300 billion burden on society, we have the cure.

Fill the fridge or fill medications is a choice 64% of vulnerable patients are forced to make. We have the SDOH data, outreach capabilities, and expertise to break down barriers and statistically improve adherence rates. Our data-driven approach is so effective that the Validation Institute guarantees performance to drive better health outcomes by increasing medication adherence among a targeted population.

We also work with the nation’s top pharmacies and PBMs to conduct a broad range of targeted and effective campaigns for automating reminders, promoting generics, switching to mail-order options, and more.

Medication Adherence
  • Prevent Non-Compliance from the Start

    Confidently predict non-compliance risks and conduct barrier-breaking campaigns that address access, costs, and misinformation.

  • Maximize Campaign Outreach

    Integrated multi-channel campaigns drive faster results – automated voice (IVR) calls for refills, text messaging for reminders, and postcards for mail orders.

  • Raise Your Ratings

    Increasing compliance is proven to help increase ratings for adherence quality measures and customer satisfaction measures.

  • Increase Refill Rates

    Deliver engaging messaging that’s been proven to increase refill rates by 85% compared to the unengaged.

Pharmacy Solutions
  • Order Payment and Status

    Account past due notifications and outreach to inform of prescription order status and address confirmation.

  • Refill Reminders and Conversions

    Outreach to consumers to request they sign-up for auto refill/renewal programs, convert from 30 to 90 day fill or change their maintenance drugs from retail to mail drug fills.

  • Formulary Notifications

    Inform consumers if drugs have been changed or removed from the PBM’s/Plan’s formulary and if any reasonable alternatives are available.

  • Prior Authorization Notifications

    Outreach to consumers to provide them with information on approval, denial, or appeals of their drugs requiring prior authorization.

  • MTM Program Completion

    Required outreach to Medicare members to set-up an MTM appointment with a pharmacist to review their drugs.

It’s time to activate change.

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