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Drive healthy actions with pre-set text campaigns.

We put vital health information in the hands of the hardest-to-reach populations

Support public health initiatives with 3rd party validated programs that address health inequities for prenatal care, diabetes management, and more.

Our ready-to-launch texting programs allow you to deliver expert content and education to vulnerable populations. Tapping our SDOH database and predictive models, we will identify at-risk individuals to engage using this cost-effective channel. This data-driven approach will ensure you reach people where they are with condition-specific programs to help them stay or get on track with consumer-friendly resources, nudges, and bite-sized tips.

Improve access and support with secure texts

Diabetes management and care

Reduce HbA1c, see improvements in medication adherence and reduce hospitalizations with regular reminders and timely tips.

Smoking cessation support

Put an end to smoking habits with regular messages encouraging quitting. With our program, twice as many people were smoke-free at 6 months compared to a control group.

Prenatal care and parenting tips

Appointment and immunization reminders, regular messaging with prenatal care knowledge, and parenting preparedness. Results include 35% fewer missed prenatal appointments and 2x increase in flu shot utilization.

Child and adolescent wellness

Child and adolescent well visit, immunization and dental exam reminders, general health knowledge, and parenting tips. Results include 18-28% more likely to attend well visit and 44% more likely to attend dental visit.

Adult wellness

Annual physical and flu shot reminders, personalized general health messaging. Results include 3x more likely to attend annual physical and 2x increase in flu shot utilization.

Care management

Appointment, medication, condition management reminders, and general knowledge. Results include 40% increase in appointment attendance.

Sample Messages

Messages can be customized to promote the programs you already have in place and drive to your website

  • 35%

    Fewer missed appointments

  • 25%

    Greater confidence in managing condition

  • 40%

    Increase in flu vaccinations

It’s time to activate change

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