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Radically effective patient acquisition, engagement, and retention.

A clear line of sight to creating sustained patient engagement and building top-line growth.

Acquire new and retain existing patients with highly-personalized marketing campaigns that drive more service line use and growth. With real-time data and dashboards, you’ll have full visibility into how your campaigns are performing and a full team of experts on your side to optimize as goals or situations change. 

Virgin Pulse also partners with health systems and hospitals nationwide to support patient journeys year-round and reduce provider burnout – all in one solution.

Grow Market Share by Attracting New Patients

Supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Get unlimited access to real-time data and social determinant (SDOH) insights that accurately predicts who has a need and will use your services. Leverage our engagement experts and technology to reach up to 95% of them with integrated digital and offline channels to maximize campaign results like new movers, mammography screenings, and more.

Boost Patient Engagement and Retention

Capitalize on a health CRM that truly knows your patients.

More than ever, the consumer is at the center of all health system growth strategies, and the ability to acquire, activate, and retain patients will be critical to any health system’s long-term success. We empower your health system to proactively communicate with patients, building a long-term relationship throughout the patient journey. With real-time data and insights you can seamlessly run personal, seasonal, or annual campaigns.

Amplify Revenue with Service Line Growth

Conduct targeted outreach to engage and acquire high value patients.

We can identify and reach patients needing your high-value service lines like cardiology, oncology and women’s health. By systematically communicating with patients regularly, they have the necessary reminders to seek the appropriate care and information and tools that will enable them to make the right decisions and return to your health system. This targeted approach optimizes your spend while extending your reach far beyond traditional methods.

Prioritize the Wellbeing of your Associates

Take care of the people taking care of patients.

Create a culture of wellbeing and help your associates prioritize themselves with our all-inclusive employee experience. They’ll get the mental and physical support they need around the clock with our certified coaches or partner programs. Unite your diverse workforce, address mental health concerns, and improve awareness and utilization of employee benefits programs – all while supporting the whole-person wellbeing of each individual.

It’s time to activate change.

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