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Purposeful engagement for your purpose-driven people.

#1 platform for both employee and community wellbeing

  • Maximizing benefit investments

    Through increased participation and reduced administration with powerful analytics you can use to support change.

  • Bring everything together

    One place for health, wellbeing, organizational communications, and benefits navigation – reach everyone, wherever they are.

  • Engaging diverse populations

    By supporting their holistic health and wellbeing at work, in the community, and at home.

  • Empowering people

    To do their best work by removing barriers to health and wellbeing, regardless of role or work location.

  • Improve recruitment and retention

    Health and wellbeing benefit used by award-winning organizations.

  • Strong culture and community

    That aligns to your core mission, vision, and values.

Create an experience that helps you recruit and retain talent

High engagement across mental, physical, social, financial, and community health.

Health is multifaceted, and so is our approach. Through a proactive and innovative experience starting day one, we nail key touchpoints that build trust, drive engagement, and increase satisfaction. We recognize each person as an individual and meet them on their journey. Financial stress may bring mental health and substance abuse challenges – through digital and live support we can help individuals identify and shift root cause behaviors rather than focusing on only one element. When people feel supported by their organization, productivity, and satisfaction increases.

Cost savings for both you and your people

Get ahead of negative healthcare trends and reduce rising costs.

Understand and support the health of your workforce with actionable insights from claims, biometric, and social determinants of health (SDOH) data. Our platform predicts risks and needs, without compromising privacy, to effectively guide people to close gaps, take best actions, and improve their overall health and wellbeing. By providing a single destination that connects them with digital health tools, coaches, guides, and the benefits navigation that they need, we proactively guide them every step of the way. Simply put; better health equals better outcomes.

Trusted advisor and partner to Public Sector organizations

A personalized, rewarding experience designed to scale for your population.

Give your employees a single destination to access all their health and wellbeing benefits including the industry’s leading digital health programs and certified coaches on-demand. From mental health programming to team challenges – we keep employees highly engaged with daily nudges, gamified programs, and a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Get Started with Sourcewell

Another way to get started with us is through Sourcewell, membership is free to all qualifying government, educational and nonprofit entities.

Sourcewell is a governmental unit committed to providing cooperative purchasing solutions for governmental, educational and nonprofit entities on a local, regional, state, and national scale in the United States and Canada.

Sourcewell establishes and provides nationally-leveraged, competitively solicited purchasing contracts, under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law. Joint Powers laws enable Sourcewell members to legally purchase through Sourcewell awarded contracts, like those awarded by Sourcewell to Virgin Pulse, under Sourcewell contract #102518-VRG for Population Health and Related Services.

Use Sourcewell to help simplify your bidding process for population health and related services, including employee health, wellbeing and employee engagement solutions. As a Sourcewell member, you can take advantage of Virgin Pulse for health and wellness engagement solutions to satisfy your public sector RFP and bidding requirements, at no cost to you.

You can learn how to become a Sourcewell member by visiting

You can also learn about the benefits of Cooperative Purchasing by visiting

If you’re already a member of Sourcewell, contact Virgin Pulse to discuss how you can leverage Sourcewell to satisfy the bid process for population health services. Want to learn more? Read more about Virgin Pulse’s Sourcewell contract by visiting