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Build a connected member experience at scale and drive loyalty, trust, and member satisfaction.

The time is now to improve population health, gain a competitive edge
and inspire hope.

Take a bold step forward with an innovative and strategic partnership to expand your member, client, and community commitment and deliver best-in-class digital health solutions designed to advance total population health.

Deliver market-leading health and wellbeing engagement to your members and employers with our Homebase for Health platform. As the digital front door partner for national and regional Commercial Health Plans, we bring everything together into a seamless, data-driven personalized experience that delivers health improvements and demonstrable results.


Create a homebase for population health

Give every member the power to get and stay well.

Make it easy for you and your clients to integrate and promote existing resources, specialty partner programs, and key services and drive awareness, usage, and efficacy. Seamlessly connect members with the mind, body, and community support they need when they need them to improve health outcomes. By providing a single destination to access digital health tools and coaches, you’ll be with them every step of the way.

Win more business

Be seen as the health and wellbeing market leader.

Be competitive in your market and beyond, grow market share, and expand client opportunities with our custom training packages. Standout with a best-in-class member experience, always-on market innovation, and dedicated support to accelerate retention and growth.

Delight members year-round

Create a meaningful member and community experience

We provide a proactive and innovative approach to member experience from day one, nailing the key touchpoints that drive stickiness, and member loyalty. By predicting member needs and behaviors, we exceed their expectations (hello, quality scores!) with communications and support that drives immediate action.

Address social determinants

Go beyond claims data to power your outreach

Engage your entire population, including the most vulnerable individuals, by factoring in social needs and determinants (SDOH). You’ll gain new and actionable insights such as people who live in multi-unit dwellings and drive a domestic sedan are at higher risk for COPD. Our end-to-end solution also supports DEI initiatives with human interactions, peer-group programming, navigation, health literacy, and more.

It’s time to activate change.

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