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Achieve quadruple quality ratings.

Act now to maintain or boost quality scores, plan growth and retention, and financial health.

Star Rating measures are becoming quadruple weighted for patient experience, making these measures a critical component of a health plan’s overall future HEDIS scores and Star Ratings strategy. A proven way to boost Medicare Advantage member satisfaction is by using data, technology, and multi-channel communications to create a personalized onboarding experience, which can then be leveraged as a springboard for year-long member engagement.

We also get ahead of risks and anticipate individual needs with our data-driven, personalized campaigns educate and activate members of all ages and demographics, proactively closing gaps in care and increasing satisfaction.

Close gaps in care

Activate members to take control of their wellbeing.

We can predict, with up to 90% accuracy, members at risk of care gaps like overdue aged-based or seasonal screenings and vaccines, and late medication refills — and automatically motivate them to take action.

Get ahead of CAHPS and HOS

Ensure positive outcomes for your plan and members.

Don’t wait for CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) to understand your member satisfaction rates. Clearly communicate member’s benefits early and often. Regularly pulse your population to pinpoint and address needs based on location, age, and more.

Our CAHPS simulation campaigns start with the most cost-effective channel and add follow-ups for non-responders through an additional channel. Our live agent transfer capabilities can help address major issues on the spot, a unique way to improve your member’s experience.

Don’t wait for the health equity quality measure

Better address the social needs of vulnerable populations.

With our social determinants of health data and predictive analytics, it is possible to identify which members are likely to have problems related to education and literacy, and lack of material resources such as access to healthy food or transportation, among other social needs.

We intelligently develop personalized communications and targeted outreach to offer members relevant programs to help close care gaps by meeting their immediate needs and removing barriers to care.

Coordinate reach to improve member satisfaction

Identify and honor member channel preferences.

Inform campaigns and communications with deep, data-driven insights into the member’s life, experiences, and social needs, and should be delivered in the channels they are most likely to engage with (e.g., email, automated voice calls, text message) based on their personal preferences.

Coordinating outreach and branding, understanding member pain points, checking in with them, testing messaging, and adjusting based on feedback are also critical to improving satisfaction. This high-touch approach with our technology delivers results, including year-over-year increases in member retention.

It’s time to activate change.

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