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We can predict your future success.

Know your population better than they know themselves.

We fill organizations’ knowledge gaps when it comes to their populations, how to manage costs best, personalize engagement, and inform benefits designs.

Over the past decade, we’ve built a proprietary consumer health database with thousands of lifestyle and social determinants of health variables that inform thousands of predictive models. We can predict excessive emergency room use, pre-diabetes risk and non-compliance at the individual level – all while maintaining the highest security standard.

Work smarter with data, not harder

Get a 360 degree view of your population to drive better outcomes.

Clinical data only makes up 30% of an individual’s health and risk profile. We complete the picture with our proprietary database of 275 million consumers, which includes lifestyle choices and social needs. Our AI-powered dashboards measure and predict population needs and behavior to identify opportunities to best impact specific health outcomes and optimize spend.

We optimize spend and outreach by identifying individual risks, receptivity, channel preference, and likelihood to take action. For example, Medicare members who vote in general elections (especially early or absentee) are more responsive to medication adherence outreach by a live agent or IVR call.

Reduce waste and prioritize highest-need populations

Decrease high-cost claims, reduce risk, and close more care gaps.

Avoid risk by enriching your data with Virgin Pulse. We combine both healthcare (medical and claims) data with consumer-generated and SDOH data to create longitudinal and predictive analytics insights that help get ahead of health risks and preventable costs.

Our pre-built social determinants of health models, provide actionable insights about the most vulnerable populations and help organizations improve health equity and access to care.

Deliver personalization, at scale

See and support your people at a deeper level.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and machine learning trained on clinical, claims, social, and engagement data to personalize the experience for your entire population. We profile individuals with risk levels across multiple categories like acquisition, growth, utilization, conditions, quality measures, and SDOH. The data extract includes 170+ predictions about each individual in a population informing every single touchpoint with them.

The data and analytics powering every interaction.

Consumer Database

Predictive Models

Risk + Receptivity + Impactability

It’s time to activate change.

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