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How we deliver personalization, at scale.

Personalization is critical, as people generally pay attention to only the information that pertains to them.

It also ensures that people do not become overwhelmed by data that does not have a tangible impact on their healthcare decisions.

We create a personalized experience that meets people where they are on their health and wellbeing journey, by integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources — all while maintaining the highest data privacy, security and compliance standards. 

Powered by billions of data points and a proprietary SaaS platform, our personalization engine creates a 360-view of your population and generates millions of actionable insights every minute of every day. Our team of data scientists have built thousands of predictive models that reveal risks, preferences, and intent at the individual level. This allows us to deliver a personal experience that draws people in and motivates them to take action.

Step 1

Harmonix® enhances your data

First, we combine your data with ours to give you a better and more predictive view than on your own. With Virgin Pulse, you have access to the most expansive and accurate consumer and provider databases in the industry. We have proprietary data on over 275 million people across thousands of variables to help you understand your population and market landscape in a whole new way all powered by our proprietary platform Harmonix®. The Harmonix platform collects, cleanses, and analyzes data to create a single, secure data record for every member.

Step 2

AI predicts individual needs

Our data analytics capability enables uber-personalization. We do not rely on simple persona-based messaging, but we have the ability to target communications, recommendations and resources to the person with the greatest need and greatest receptivity to the actions we are asking the person to take.

We can predict with up to 90% accuracy individuals’ needs, risks and receptivity using genetic algorithms and machine learning. We help demystify big data with predictive models based on billions of touchpoints and millions of completed actions. This moves you from a reactive to predictive stance – a critical strategic advantage when it comes to activating people in their health and wellbeing.

Step 3

Insights drive engagement

Our patented machine learning, genetic algorithms and advanced analytics have been recognized by the Validation Institute to reveal quality insights about individual health status, impactability and receptivity of health programs. Powered by data, our methodologies have been instrumental in achieving true personalization.

We provide unique insights about your population that you’ve never had before – like how receptive they are to interventions, which communications channels they prefer and what digital health resources they need. By leveraging the ideal combination of machine learning and behavior change expertise, we can provide your people with the right resources at exactly the right time.

Step 4

Homebase for Health brings it all together

Homebase for Health(R) leverages the extensive data foundation and predictive insights to create personalized experiences that drive repeatable engagement. Innovative health plans, employers and health systems worldwide rely on the SaaS platform to improve outcomes, reduce costs and deepen relationships with their populations. Wherever a person may be in their health and wellbeing journey, Virgin Pulse is their Homebase for Health.

Time to activate change.

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