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Employee Wellbeing Best Practices

Discovering the Next Frontier in Employee Wellbeing: Insights from Becker’s Hospital Review

In an illuminating session hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review, industry experts gathered to explore the evolving field of employee benefits and wellbeing. The webinar, titled “Workforce Innovation – How Top Health Systems are Honing in on Employee Benefits and Wellbeing,” provided a comprehensive look into how forward-thinking organizations are transforming their approach to employee wellbeing and engagement.

The session touched on various significant aspects, from personalization of benefits to strategic communications, and the importance of adapting to new workplace dynamics. Here’s a summary of the essential takeaways from the discussion, and how these insights align perfectly with Virgin Pulse’s mission to empower employees to thrive

The Evolution of Employee Benefits 

The panel opened with a discussion on the changing face of employee benefits. In a time where the workforce’s needs and expectations are rapidly evolving, traditional one-size-fits-all benefit packages are no longer sufficient. Organizations leading the charge, much like Virgin Pulse, are those who view employee benefits through a lens of personalization and flexibility.

This dynamic approach enables companies to meet their workforce’s diverse needs, fostering a culture of wellbeing and inclusivity. Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your workforce? Learn how with Virgin Pulse and their Health Strategy Scorecard. 

Enhancing Wellbeing through Strategic Communication 

A significant focus of the webinar revolved around the power of communication in enhancing employee wellbeing programs. The conversation highlighted the crucial role of transparent, clear, and continuous conversation between employers and their workforce. Discover why over 7,500 companies choose Virgin Pulse to enhance communication and employee engagement by checking out their engagement solutions

Adapting to New Workplace Dynamics 

Another key point of discussion was the need to adapt to the changing workplace environment. The transition from traditional office settings to more hybrid or remote work models has presented both challenges and opportunities in promoting employee wellbeing.

Panelists shared insights into how they’ve navigated these changes, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and innovation in benefit offerings. For instance, introducing benefits that support mental health, work-life balance, and even remote work ergonomics can play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. 

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Wellbeing 

Technology’s role in enhancing employee wellbeing programs was also a hot topic. From personalized health platforms to data analytics, technology offers a myriad of possibilities to create more engaging and effective wellbeing initiatives. The adoption of these tools not only facilitates better health outcomes but also provides invaluable insights for employers to continually refine and improve their wellbeing strategies. 

The Importance of Leadership and Culture 

Lastly, the webinar underscored the importance of leadership in fostering a culture that prioritizes wellbeing. Leaders play a pivotal role in setting the tone and integrating wellbeing into the organization’s core. By leading by example and actively participating in wellbeing programs, leaders can significantly influence their team’s engagement and overall wellbeing. It’s clear that for wellbeing initiatives to truly take root and flourish, they must be supported by a culture that genuinely values and invests in the health and wellbeing of its employees.


This enriching discussion during the Becker’s webinar offered many insights and strategies for organizations looking to elevate their employee benefits and wellbeing initiatives. As we move forward, it’s evident that personalization, communication, adaptability, technology, and leadership are the pillars upon which successful wellbeing programs are built. For companies aiming to lead in the domain of employee health and satisfaction, embracing these principles will be key to crafting a resilient, engaged, and thriving workforce.  

Learn about effective approaches and strategies by tuning into the webinar replay for a deeper dive into the discussion.