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Member Engagement Platform: Importance & Benefits

Disclaimer: Virgin Pulse and HealthComp are now Personify Health

What is a member engagement platform?

A member engagement platform is a digital hub that helps health plans stay connected and engaged with members year-round. With the platform, plans can level up their member experience with personalized messages, resources and incentives for total health and wellbeing. In the healthcare sector, this strategy is often referred to as medicare member engagement.

Why do you need a member engagement platform?

In the landscape of health plan member engagement, staying connected to members is essential for health plans looking to break through the noise and overcome barriers brought on by distraction and isolation. However, most plans are trying to overcome these obstacles with siloed tools, generic consumer data and disparate teams that don’t have the time (nor expertise) to do so.

Emphasizing member engagement in healthcare, with the platform, plans can deliver targeted member communications that drive action, like reaching out with a reminder to refill a medication before it runs out. This type of outreach engages members while making them feel seen, understood and cared for.

How do you know if your engagement platform is effective?

A strong health plan digital member engagement strategy involves an effective member engagement platform. A digital member engagement portal should help health plans master the moments that matter most by providing tools to help plans improve the member experience for each individual as they go through their own unique member journey.

It all starts with data – does your platform have the ability to help you know what needs your members have today and will have in the future? The right engagement platform will have both consumer data and predictive analytics to make it possible.   

It will also help manage and coordinate member outreach. Members are looking to their plan for information; therefore, plans must communicate on important touchpoints early and often, building a positive experience from the get-go.

Using a coordinated approach that leverages multiple channels – like email, automated voice (IVR) calls, text, and direct mail – to conduct member outreach throughout the year will keep members engaged and tuned in, without bombarding them with overlapping or competing messages.

What can a member engagement platform help you do?

Not only will a member engagement platform benefit members themselves, but it also delivers value to health plans. As a part of a larger member engagement platform, a member engagement platform will:  

  • Create an engaging member experience that shows you care and view them as individuals. Each member journey is different, so a one-size-fits-all or a one-and-done approach will not work for everyone.
  • Boost plan loyalty and member retention by building positive experiences across the entire member journey. A good member retention strategy should start well before day 1. Purposeful (and targeted) member outreach and resources can have a positive impact on member satisfaction and loyalty – and a plan’s bottom-line.
  • Reduce cost, time and effort required to achieve measurable results. Health plans are increasingly held financially responsible for members’ health outcomes and plan perceptions. By engaging members early and often, plans can reduce healthcare costs and operational costs, like call center time.
  • Improve member care. Reaching members is only half the battle. Timely engagement and relevant outreach help ensure members are receiving the care they need when they need it. By meeting members with the right resource and message through their preferred communication channel, plans can have the biggest impact and improve overall health outcomes.

What should you look for in an effective member engagement platform?

  • Multi-channel outreach capabilities and the ability to conduct outreach campaigns on your behalf
  • Enhanced consumer data and predictive analytics to help you understand and ultimately get ahead of member needs
  • Flexibility to add resources based on member needs, like programs from a variety of our Connect Partners
  • Integrated rewards and fulfillment capabilities to motivate members to take and complete desired actions

How do you get started?

The adoption of a member engagement platform is a game changer in the field of health plan member engagement. With our member engagement platform, you can build an experience that drives stickiness while keeping members informed and satisfied all year long. With our unique consumer data and predictive analytics, you can find out in advance who is likely to have what need and proactively communicate with them.

From building plan loyalty, to closing gaps in care, our member engagement platform can help departments across your organization achieve their goals—things like boosting member retention rates and increasing or maintaining high quality scores.

When you work with Personify Health, you will have a single destination to engage and activate members with relevant resources and communications. This smart approach will help you create the meaningful member experience you’ve been looking for, for each individual, wherever they are on their own member journey.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about how we can help you engage members today.