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The driving force to healthy actions.

Decrease health disparities by activating more people.

Virgin Pulse gives you a proactive and almost telepathic method to drive targeted health actions. Our unique ability to understand individual needs, risks, and receptivity means that we are best equipped to identify who is most likely to complete a recommended activity. This intel powers the millions of personalized messages we deliver on behalf of our Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Commercial Health Plan clients for everything from vaccine and well visit reminders to health education and access.

Minimize ANOC disruptions

Abandon one-size-fits-all messages for annual changes.

Use campaigns with personalized messaging specifically designed to address each level of disruption (e.g. naming what benefit will change, calling out a specific medication that will no longer be covered).

We help you understand how changes will impact individual members by leveraging data and analytics to build targeted lists based on the expected level of change (from moderate to disruptive) and who is likely to disenroll because of them. We then proactively reach out across multiple communications channels to reinforce value post-ANOC. For example, an automated voice call (IVR) for low-impact changes and a warm transfer to live agents for those with more disruptive ones.

Boost vaccine compliance

Eliminate barriers and increase access with vaccine awareness campaigns.

We have over a decade of experience conducting public health outreach and a proven track record of increasing compliance rates for flu and multi-dose childhood vaccines across all populations. Our ability to engage hard-to-reach populations and breakdown barriers such as cost and misinformation was especially valuable for COVID-19 vaccination programs. We have the data, technology, and expertise to increase vaccine compliance across any population segment.

Promote preventive services

Reverse the trend of deferred care and screenings.

The impact of skipped screenings and annual check-ups is on us. Get people back on schedule for routine visits and clinical adherence by prioritizing outreach based on who is likely to need and take action. We use multiple channels to engage individuals, while supporting them in the completion of the activity such as mailing test kits or connecting with a live agent for scheduling.

Health communications and education

Orchestrate outreach seamlessly across multiple departments.

Whether it’s educating a member about new benefits or resources, deliver your health communications with consistency and confidence. Communication abrasion is especially harmful when it comes to matters related to health and wellbeing. We provide a longitudinal view of outreach, coordinating, and prioritizing campaigns at the individual level to avoid multiple, irrelevant, and overlapping messages.

Our SDOH data and integrated channels also ensures that we engage even the hardest to reach populations (including Medicaid) with important information and resources, on their terms.

It’s time to activate change.

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