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Virgin Pulse Announcements

Activating Potential at RISE National 2024

Are you ready to activate your potential and revolutionize the world of healthcare?

As we eagerly anticipate RISE National 2024 in downtown Nashville, we’re ready to redefine the future with you! This year’s event represents a gateway to activating the untapped potential within the Medicare Advantage sector through a blend of networking, education, and actionable insights.

Virgin Pulse, Now Personify Health, is Heading to Nashville for RISE National!

Here are 4 things to do with us at RISE National 2024:

  1. Power Networking: Imagine immersing yourself in an environment buzzing with over 1,900 Medicare Advantage enthusiasts. This gathering is a melting pot of ideas, fostering unparalleled opportunities to forge relationships, exchange knowledge, and inspire collaborative innovation.

    Connect with our onsite team to gain actionable insights, unlock new possibilities, and leverage our years of experience to overcome the challenges you’re facing today. We’re in the business of healthy businesses. We’re ready to discuss how to enhance member experiences, boost health outcomes, and ultimately elevate Star Ratings with you.

    Stop by booth #433 and make the connection with the Virgin Pulse (now Personify Health) team!

  2. Ignite Your Education: At RISE National, education takes center stage. You will have access to an extraordinary range of educational sessions, workshops, and keynotes presented from thought leaders and renowned speakers.

    Pull up a chair at our roundtable, taking place Monday afternoon, and settle in for our 20-minute power session: Harnessing Data-Driven Techniques and Personalized Member Insights to Increase STAR Ratings.

    Add it to your calendar.

  3. Unleash Your Business Potential: RISE provides access to cutting-edge tools, innovative technologies, and proven strategies that will optimize your Medicare Advantage member engagement and experience strategies. Our participation underscores our mission to support health plans in their quest for growth and success.

    While you’re at RISE, discover Personify Health, a leading healthcare engagement organization that empowers healthier lives-inside and out. Through personalized, connected, and powerfully simple solutions, we help health plans empower and engage their members-motivating them to get and stay healthy. Good for member outcomes, good for quality and Star Ratings, and good for your business.

    Book a personalized demo with our onsite team.

  4. Souvenirs! Don’t go home empty-handed (or with five more pens). Stop by our booth for a demo, or fill out the form below, to claim your custom, hand-engraved guitar pick. Only a limited number are available-don’t miss out!

This event signifies more than just a conference; it’s a collaborative platform where we look forward to engaging with industry leaders, sharing our insights, and learning from the collective experiences of the Medicare Advantage community.

We’re excited for RISE National and hope to see you there!

Why Personify Health for Medicare Advantage Plans

Our services are specifically designed to cater to the intricate demands of Medicare Advantage plans with the aim of improving quality and Star Ratings. We leverage advanced machine learning for targeted health actions, ensuring personalized member engagement, significantly enhancing satisfaction, and prompting crucial health actions. Our comprehensive approach covers a wide spectrum of member needs—from wellness visits to proactive health measures—and utilizes data to predict and meet member needs, fostering a seamless and loyal member experience.

Ready to learn more? Let’s talk.