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Wellbeing Programs Build Stronger Teams and Social Connections at Work

April 13, 2020 / Corporate Wellness

Written By: Chris LaFountain

Together, We Can Do It! 

For a global organization comprised of many great people of different skill sets, geographies, ages, and ethnicities, it can be challenging to align everyone toward common goals. At Virgin Pulse, one of our core values is One Team One Dream. We learn, grow, adapt and succeed together. Our diversity is our strength. Employees form bonds across departments, time zones and borders. 

We’re sharing our tips for connecting employees with different interests from different countries and time zones to drive success. Learn how wellbeing programs can help you build stronger teams and social connections at work!

Teamwork makes the dream work 

This expression is easy to remember, not just because it rhymes but also because it’s true. Strong teams are simply better for business. Teamwork fosters collaboration, which provides different perspectives (because you’re not always right!) and learning opportunities. Your organization will also be more efficient, as a team can likely solve a problem in minutes that may take hours for one person to work outAnd if you’re on a successful team, with teammates you like and respect, chances are you’ll be happier in your job and will want to stay with that company.  

Social networking builds great company cultures 

This kind of social networking is not about sharing cat videos online or posting what you had for breakfast (#BestEggsEver). It’s about actually talking or interacting with your colleagues, whether they sit next to you, two floors above you, or in another time zone. Getting to know your colleagues provides a sense of belonging and camaraderie, which builds a positive environment that boosts morale and happiness. In time, the entire organization becomes one network, where everyone understands their roles and purpose. Swedish culture embraces the importance of social networking by enjoying a fikabreak every day to catch up with their colleagues.  

Ready to take action? 

Have a walking meeting with your team or post a sign for late-afternoon board games in your cafeteria or break room. These low-cost, low-effort initiatives are an easy way for people to meet others within the organization, which will lead to strong bonding and trust going forward. You’ll be amazed by how successful these interactions can be!  

If you’re looking for something more structured with a broader reachworkplace wellbeing programs are excellent tools for building teams and breaking down barriers. Friendly rivalries between sales and marketing, for example, can be started (or rekindled!) through a healthy habit challenge, with online tracking and leaderboards so teams can check their progress and engage in playful banter. Challenges also connect teams in different locations, giving employees an opportunity to interact and get to know each other through daily engagement in a personalized and connected but culturally relevant way. Workplace challenges don’t have to be about who can get the most steps either. They can revolve around other key wellbeing areas such as nutrition, learning, sleep, community, relationships, stress, productivity, and financial wellbeingThe result is healthier, more engaged employees and the side effects are friendships and collaboration between offices.  

Check out the resources on our website about the benefits of workplace challenges and how to create great cultures through social wellbeing. 

Let us know how you build strong teams and social connections through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebookor Instagram, and learn more about the link between company culture and employee engagement.

About The Author

Chris is a product marketing manager at Virgin Pulse. His desire for outdoor adventure leads him to hike, zipline, play disc golf, and snowshoe with the family and Plott houndWhen quieter times are needed, he’s at home enjoying Premier League football, playing board games, or driving his kids to their Parkour and ultimate frisbee events. 

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