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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Does Employee Wellbeing Impact Workforce Productivity (Part II)

August 14, 2018 / Employee Engagement

Learn how Organizations can Increase Productivity and Employee Retention through Employee Wellbeing

jeff-higgins-headshotThe workforce is increasingly recognized by business leaders as the key value differentiator and the most important “asset”. It is also the single largest and fastest growing annual investment; however, measuring the precise financial return on that investment to the bottom line and knowing where to focus for improvements has been elusive.  

Join Jeff Higgins CEO of HCMI, for a webinar on Thursday, August 16 at 2pm EDT. You’ll learn the results of a study done by HCMI in conjunction with Virgin Pulse that concentrated on the financial industry and how employee wellbeing programs impact employee turnover and retention.

0This webinar will address important questions such as “Does the organization invest in an employee wellbeing program believing it is the right thing to do and that it will improve the health of the workforce, or avoid the cost and hope things improve on their own?” Beyond this question is a larger one, “If wellbeing improves health, does it also positively impact productivity, engagement, retention and more?”  

This is the second webinar in our webinar series focused on workforce productivity. You can watch the replay of the first webinar that featured a case study from a leading manufacturer here.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The impact of wellbeing on workforce productivity
  • Results from a case study featuring a financial company
  • How to quantify the impact of wellbeing programs
  • How to increase employee engagement
  • The impact of wellbeing on employee retention/turnover
  • How you can take action to improve productivity within your organization


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