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Re-set the Clock: Help Employees Get Back in the Sleep Game

October 31, 2014 / Employee Engagement

DaylightIt’s that glorious time of year when the clocks wind back, and we all can revel in an extra hour to kick back, relax, and pretend like we’re sleeping in. Let’s take it a step further and look at all the ways to make “falling back” feel like a great leap forward for your employees at work too.

Traditionally, one recommendation during daylight savings time is to check smoke alarm batteries. Clearly, this is critical, but we’ll add another to the list: checking your employees’ batteries. Daylight savings time is a great time to re-invigorate employees by helping them improve their sleep patterns and quality. Labeled an “epidemic” by the CDC, sleeplessness is linked with poorer cognitive function and can have the same effect on employees as showing up to the job intoxicated!

What contributes to poor sleep? Worry and stress, mental activity, and physical discomfort all drive poor sleep quality, according to a study from the Virgin Pulse Institute that looked across the reported sleep patterns of 1,139 employees from three U.S. companies. However, employees who get enough sleep can have a very positive impact on ROI. In fact, these companies can earn upwards of $2,000 in gained productivity per employee, each year! (Talk about getting paid to sleep!)

Help encourage your employees to get the sleep they need to be their best, most productive selves by educating them on all the benefits of getting seven to eight hours a night. Getting enough sleep allows employees to wake up refreshed with enough mental energy to tackle the work day and also drives improved focus. Bring your efforts a step beyond education by offering robust well-being programs that support all aspects of employees’ health – including their sleep.

Sleep support is especially important for workers at risk for sleep deprivation – shift workers, frequent overtime workers, and others – who have a set schedule with long hours and limited flexibility. By initiating small but meaningful cultural changes, you’ll improve everything from employees’ productivity and satisfaction, to your workplace safety records, and more.

To learn about encouraging your employees to get their zzz’s and be their best selves both on the job and at home, read the full whitepaper, “More Sleep = Better Performance: The Hidden Advantages of a Well-rested Workforce.”

Margaux Novak, Marketing Communications Manager, manages public relations and social media at Virgin Pulse. Merging her knack for reading everything in sight with her slight risk-taker tendencies, she’s always up for trying out newly researched marketing campaigns. Apart from this, Margaux is an avid traveler, photographer, and publishing poet. Follow her on twitter: @margauxnovak

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