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[Podcast] Without Millennials, You’re Doomed to Fail

November 17, 2015 / Uncategorized

“It seems like [with] every new generation, they pick out one or two things about [them] and say they’re being disruptive in a bad way.” This week’s Pulse Talks guest Harlan Spiva defends Millennials.

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MillennialsBefore your eyes roll to the back of your head, Harlan Spiva, Corporate Wellness Consultant at BB&T, wants you to hear him out. Millennials in the workplace are often met with discord – for their idealism, technological dependence, and social emphasis. But the reality is: The modern workplace is already primed and ready for these new ways to work.

“We have the tools readily available for [Millennials] to do what they want to do,” says Spiva, “And they’re saying: ‘Why cant I bring my own device? Why can’t I do this? Why doesn’t my company have a purpose?’”

A recent Virgin Pulse survey found that 77 percent of Millennials think culture is equally or more important than salary and benefits, and 73 percent want to understand and align with their company’s mission. Are companies meeting this need? Spiva says: “No.”

Millennials are as much their own enterprise as the businesses they work for, according to Spiva. Modern workplaces need to understand this and align to it if they hope to attract and retain the top talent of this new workforce.

“People have their own brand that they’re carrying around with them and the brand of their company. And as long as those two align, the two will be together. As soon as one of the brands begins to deviate, they’re going to part.”

Companies that forgo the opportunity to adapt to a more modern workplace – one that leverages technology and offers flexible policies – are doomed to fail, according to Spiva.

Hear the rest of his talk with host Shawn LaVana below:

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