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New Virgin Pulse Social Wellbeing Solution Unites Employees, Builds Strong Organizational Culture

January 16, 2017 / Employee Wellbeing Best Practices

This week, we were very excited to welcome the latest addition to the Virgin Pulse family: Virgin Pulse Ignite.

Ignite is a social wellbeing platform, designed to improve company culture, employee wellbeing, and organizational health through team-based challenges. Team-based wellness challenges aren’t new – in fact, both ShapeUp and Global Corporate Challenge, the companies we acquired last year, were pros at running them – but they were getting a little staid. We’ve all logged our steps, we’ve all climbed a leaderboard, right?

Ignite takes team challenges to a whole new level.

challenge-lightbox-imageWith rich, multimedia content, a fully mobile-first design, an Apple TV app for workplace broadcasting, and of-the-moment communications features like emojis, Ignite updates a tried-and-true, clinically-proven framework for employees. We know that it will be effective and exciting for employees because every single improvement and feature is the result of deep analysis and testing. With the largest pool of team-based challenge member data in the world, we were able to create a product that is founded upon demonstrated employee behaviors, preferences, and results.

In addition, we’ve extended the application of team-challenges, beyond just physical health. With a flexible framework and custom content, Ignite allows employers build and run challenges that are focused on company culture, history, and values and leveraged for training, onboarding, and culture-building. The sky’s the limit!

When employees have a platform that they love, that they use day after day, that is a seamless part of their daily routines, there is tremendous potential to impact company culture, employee engagement, and productivity. With Ignite, employers have a powerful tool to improve both their employees’ lives and their business, with inspiring, exciting daily experiences.

Read the full Virgin Pulse Ignite announcement.

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