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Motivational Psychology Terms HR Leaders Need to Know

May 8, 2018 / Employee Engagement

Ask any HR professional, and they’ll tell you that Human Resources and Benefits Management requires a mix of business know-how, emotional intelligence, motivational psychology, and project management and that 
all of these skills flow together.

The necessity of this diverse skill set is apparent when an organization is trying to understand motivation within their wellness program.

HR leaders are asking:

  • What motivates individuals to make long-term behavior change?
  • If we offer incentives do we need to commit to offering them forever?
  • What happens when incentives change?
  • Ultimately, what do employees want, and more importantly, what do they need?
  • How can we measure this motivation long-term and how does it affect our business?

In a recent webinar, we sat down with Dr. Scott Ryan, Director of Data Science at Virgin Pulse. With three master’s degrees and a doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology, Scott is a resident expert on what makes employees tick, how to motivate them, and helping organizations succeed.

With Scott’s help, we’ve defined key terms to help you better understand the psychological phenomena surrounding motivation within your workplace. You can use this information to identify strategies to keep your employees motivated over the long term.

Click here to download Employee Motivation: Learning the Terminology and find out more about the psychological elements at play when it comes to motivating individuals within your organization.


Renee Mitson Circle Photo

Renee Mitson is the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Virgin Pulse. She loves living in Providence, and enjoys cycling and eating spicy food (but not at the same time). 

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