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Managing Stress and Mental Wellbeing within Your Organization

August 9, 2018 / Corporate Wellness

Mental Wellbeing Touches Every Facet of Your Business

You know that the mental wellbeing of individuals within your organization touches every aspect of your business. From the
visible – revenue, absenteeism, and turnover – to the invisible – engagement, job satisfaction, and depressive disorders.

Mental wellbeing is compromised when an individual is not able to proactively cope with the level of stress they are being “served,” whether within or outside the workplace. Compromised mental health and stress affect your organization’s ability to meet business goals, attract (and retain) top talent, and compete in a complex and ever-changing business world.

Unhealthy thought patterns, coupled with unhealthy habits, leads to suboptimal outcomes. These patterns permeate the life of an individual, and affect career, relationship, and physical wellbeing.

As an Employer You Can Help!

Download this paper to learn:

  • How to change the way your people perceive their emotions
  • What the different employee emotional zones look like
  • How behavior change helps manage stress and promotes mental wellbeing


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