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Making a Difference with Wellbeing

October 26, 2020 / Employee Wellbeing Best Practices

Written By: Jordan Dunne

The arrival of COVID-19 sparked widespread and rapid change in so many areas of life. From where we work to how we socialize and even to how we access healthcarethe pandemic has challenged us to reimagine a “new normal. In March 2020, we announced the closure of our physical offices, asking our entire global workforce to work from home for the foreseeable future. Like many organizations, we acted quickly to protect and ensure the safety of our employees – and in many ways, we made the decision faster than we were able to shift employees to long-term remote working  

Few employers in March could have predicted just how disruptive and relentless this pandemic would be. As a result, many companies found themselves in a similar position of building and flying the plane at the same time, on several frontsFortunately, our mission  Changing Lives for Good® – has helped keep us grounded during this time and has also allowed us to support our clients, their employees and broader global communities, during a time when health and wellbeing are so critical for everyone, everywhere 

“The mental, physical and financial toll COVID-19 is taking on employers, employees, families and the world at large cannot be understated.” – David Osborne, CEO 

October 24th is National Make a Difference Day, so we’re sharing the ways in which Virgin Pulse has made a difference in the lives of millions  especially now  to ensure a healthy, happy future for workforces across the globe.  

  • COVID-19 Wellbeing Resources  The first in our industry to respond to COVID-19, Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board members, clinicians and expert partners created dozens of resources, toolkits and webinars to keep customers and communities safe and informed through the pandemic. Accessible within the Virgin Pulse app and in a free public-facing COVID-19 wellbeing hub, individuals and organizations could access topics such as a coronavirus Q&A, protecting high-risk populations, staying active through disruptions, work-life balance, dependent care, new considerations for working from home or on the front lines, nutrition, mental health and combating the effects of loneliness and isolation.   
  • Work-From-Home Playbook – Adjusting to the rapid shift to remote working was difficult for employees and employers alike. This sudden change of routine, along with the added stress of the pandemic, presented an array of challenges that left many seeking a one-stop-shop for support. To help organizations navigate this new world of working, we put together a comprehensive public-facing resource to boost productivity, mindfulness, resilience, sleep, nutrition and physical activity.  
  • VP Passport – Recognizing the critical need for a configurable tool that employers could use to keep their workplace and their people safe in their return-to-workplace plans, we launched VP Passport in June 2020 to align with the new world of workplace safety. Complete with screening, reporting, live support, partner solutions, a safety dashboard and more, this digital platform was created to meet the unique needs of each organization while adhering to national safety protocols to reinforce a smooth reopening process. 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Between the public examples of social injustice and the racial disparities underscored by COVID-19, businesses everywhere realized the urgent need to improve not only diversity and inclusion within their workforce, but also health equity at large. In response to this public health crisis, we turned to diversity, equity and inclusion experts like Dr. Aletha MaybankDr. Dexter Shurney and our newest Science Advisory Board member Dr. Jessica Isom to provide informed guidance for our in-app and online content and exclusive webinars as part of our THRIVEx extended series. 
  • Winter ‘20 launch – In October 2020, we unveiled our most innovative product launch to date. Expanding on our Homebase for Health™ vision, we’ve added enhanced AI and machine learning, improved claims analytics and reporting, improve user experience (UX), benefits navigation, Apple Fit and Google Health integrations, gaps in care solutions, deep condition management and digital therapeutics offerings, live services and refreshed and newly developed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) content. 
  • Digital Therapeutics (DTx) solutions – Noticing the higher rates of hospitalization and death in those living with chronic conditions, the novel coronavirus raised major concerns over the severity and prevalence of chronic disease worldwide. While the shift to a preventive approach to medicine may be slow, digital therapeutics solutions like the recently launched VP Transform for Prediabetes and VP Transform for Weight Management  help individuals take charge of their health and prevent, delay or reverse the onset of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. 
  • THRIVEx – As organizations sought out expert guidance for the wellbeing of their people and their business, we launched our first virtual Thrive Summit experience throughout June 2020. Thought leaders such as public health and nutrition expert Dr. David L. Katz, happiness expert Dr. Laurie Santos, health policy expert Dr. Martin Makary and more shared their insight into important topics in all areas of health, wellbeing, employee engagement and resilience. 
  • VP+ Partner Offer – With an overwhelming abundance of wellbeing point-solutions available today and a rapid adoption of digital health, we created an easyfast and cost-effective means of selecting and delivering the resources your people need, all in one place. With the option to include four or all seven of our pre-vetted and integrated partners, our VP+ packages include solutions for physical activity, financial wellbeing, musculoskeletal health, family health, tobacco cessationmindfulness and nutrition with up to 60% cost savings when compared to purchasing partner options separately. 

Just like building healthy habits, making a difference is an incremental process made up of small steps that lead to big results over time. We’re proud to share that we were recognized for our efforts in 2020, earning CEO World Awards for our COVID-19 PR Campaign and Best Technology to Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19 with VP Passport, as well as Stevie Awards for our COVID-19 response and our VP Passport Return-to-Workplace solution 

The motivation behind our rapid innovation and expanded offerings is the wellbeing of the global workforce. Ensuring global health and wellbeing starts with local actions  and workforces have aopportunity to make a differenceAs we enter the final stretch of a difficult 2020 and look optimistically towards 2021, we plan to stay on the path of positive change and progress, making a difference in the world of wellbeing and changing lives and businesses for good along the way. We would love to hear how your organization is making a difference. 

About The Author

Jordan Dunne is a copywriter and editor on the marketing team at Virgin Pulse, focusing on social strategy and health and wellbeing content. Outside of work, you can find her at the gym, hosting trivia, taking photos of food, or snuggling up on the couch with her dogs.

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