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Good Friends and Good Habits Go Hand-in-Hand

April 26, 2016 / Uncategorized

social connectionsHow can you nurture a culture of wellbeing at your workplace? The answer is by providing social support for your employees – because good friends and good health go hand-in-hand!

At Virgin Pulse, we know a thing or two about connecting people. But, don’t just take our word for it. Virgin Pulse members everywhere are discovering how important friends and family are to their meeting their health goals.

Here’s what they tell us:

Friends and family help them cultivate healthy habits.

Our members say friends and family can be a force for good when they help each other discover the right healthy habits to focus on and motivate each other to take the first step:

“I joined Virgin Pulse because friends told me that it can be a motivating tool to get you moving. They were right. I am now moving between 7K to 15K steps a day.” — Connie, Port Charlotte, FL

“The friendly challenges with co-workers and my spouse continue to encourage me to take a few more steps each day.” — Cory, Stuttgart, Germany

Friends and family help them support the process.

Our members say that having a friend by your side makes the journey of creating healthy new habits easier and more fun:

“Ever since I started with Virgin Pulse, I have been in healthy competition with myself, friends and co-workers. We constantly challenge each other to obtain an average of 8,000 steps a day, step the most in one week or increase active minutes. As we continue to challenge each other, we see our measurements within a healthy range. It’s great to be active and having fun. The incentives are a positive and help us encourage each other.” — Amber, Birmingham, AL

“Since my group and I started using Virgin Pulse regularly last year, we have all really become more active. By using Virgin Pulse, we motivate each other to stay active and challenge each other to push harder. We have daily reminders to reach our goals. The friendly competitiveness drives us all to participate in challenges and do our best. — Mariam, Houston, TX

Friends and family help them trigger results.

Ours members say friends and family prompt them to follow through with their healthy new habits:

“Many of my co-workers are friends with me on Virgin Pulse and we challenge each other to make healthy choices. I have seen many of my co-workers make healthier choices with the help of Virgin Pulse.” — Donna, Brush Prarie, WA

“Participating in challenges with my friends has led to more activity throughout the day and even at night. Normally when I would sit and let something go until tomorrow, I am now getting out and taking care of it to get more steps!” – Teresa, Bowie, MD

Friends and family help them celebrate success.

Our members say there’s no sweeter reward than celebrating their healthy successes with friends and family:

“I love the connection that Virgin Pulse gives me with my co-workers. It is not a competition, but a way to support each other! We friend each other, and then communicate about steps, stairs and stories of success. We talk about ‘how many steps are you at’ and encourage each other to move more. We are participating in community events, such as the American Heart Association Walk and Relay for Life.” — Rebecca, Longview, WA

“My friends and family, and my co-workers inspire me every day. We motivate each other to see who gets the most steps. I love the challenges between friends. It pushes me to do more.”
— Sabrina, Apple Valley, CA

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Friends and family help them practice and revise.

Our members say their friends and family help them stay on course with new habits – especially if they don’t get them right the first time:

“Between people at work and my friends, I have been able to have so much motivation to work out. We are able to keep each other going, even when we’ve had a rough day and just want to sit. Without Virgin Pulse, we would never have had the incentive to work out in the first place.”
— Elise, Beloit, WI

“Virgin Pulse inspired friendly competition between co-workers and friends. Several of us knew we needed to do something. So it’s been fun comparing points, distances walked, food eaten and getting there together.” — Brooke, Palm Coast, FL

Ready to tap into social as a force for good at your organization? Download our paper to learn:

Which social connections are key to wellbeing
How these connections support healthy habits
Key research about the influence of social on health

Jennifer Sartor joined Virgin Pulse in 2014 and is Product Marketing Director for our web and mobile engagement platform. Through her work in the HR space for Virgin Pulse and companies like Globoforce, Monster and MultiPlan, she’s passionate about supporting employers who want to build healthier, happier and more productive workforces. Follow Jen on twitter: @jensartor

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