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How Employees Feel About Your Wellbeing Solutions

July 7, 2016 / Uncategorized

Happy Employees, Business, Virgin PulseA great deal of time, energy and money goes into implementing and building the array of employee wellbeing solutions at your organization. When you develop a holistic approach you make an impact on different aspects of your workforce’s lives that, in turn, affect your employees’ performance on the job and the success of your organization. Your ultimate goal? Improve employees’ health, engagement and retention to create a highly productive and profitable operation.

Sometimes it helps to know how your initiatives stack up to those of your peers.

Employees are optimistic about the direction of workplace benefit offerings, according to Virgin Pulse’s 2016 Business of Healthy Employees survey, conducted in partnership with Workforce Magazine. The research revealed that expanding health and wellbeing programs beyond health insurance is important to employees, as 88 percent of employees believe in the importance of having a range of wellbeing programs offered by their employer.

As more organizations continue to recognize the value of strategic wellbeing, it’s significant to note that employees also recognize their purpose and appreciate them. Among survey respondents, 91 percent of employees participate in wellbeing programs when they are offered at work.

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Additional results from the 2016 Business of Healthy Employees survey include:

  • Wellbeing programs continue to expand to include employees’ social connections
  • There’s room for growth in wearables
  • Employers remain uncertain about ACA and available incentives
  • And more

Download the 2016 Business of Healthy Employees survey report to see all of the results.

Bryan Mahoney is the Director of Content Marketing at Virgin Pulse. He brings more than a decade’s worth of experience as a content producer and blends his interests in all things wellbeing to help organizations become the best places to work. A former marathon champ, he now balances running with family by constantly chasing after his two-year-old daughter, Gia.

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