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Employee Wellbeing Platforms: A Buyer’s Guide + Discussion

January 22, 2015 / Corporate Wellness

When thinking about what the future has in store — both personally and professionally — many of us ask ourselves questions like, “Have we set our goals? Are we clear on what we want to accomplish? What will help us achieve the results we’re hoping for? And how can we really make a difference this year?”

Most likely, our employees are considering their personal and professional priorities, too, wondering how to best manage and accomplish them. Here’s the thing: everyone has competing priorities. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day (even Beyoncé) and there’s only so much we can accomplish in that finite amount of time. Too often, when we’re stressed, overwhelmed, and squeezed for time, we’re careless with our own wellbeing.

Think about the days when a last minute 5:00 pm meeting pops up, a deadline gets pushed up, the babysitter calls out sick … you get the idea. Ever skip a workout, hit a drive-thru instead of cooking a healthy meal, or not get enough shut-eye because you’re trying to do too much or your mind simply won’t let you rest? Yeah, me too.

Point is, when we don’t take care of ourselves, our energy bottoms out, we’re less productive and motivated, and our ability to think clearly and make good decisions is … well, let’s just say less than ideal. None of that’s good for us nor for the businesses where we work.woman using mobile wellbeing solution in modern office setting

Companies need a workforce full of people with the physical energy, mental focus, and emotional drive to fuel their businesses. Healthy, engaged, productive employees are any company’s best assets, and that’s why so many employers are increasingly investing in the wellbeing of their workforce. But often those efforts are disparate, hard to manage, and can appear confusing to employees.

That’s where a wellbeing platform comes in.

Why You Need a Wellbeing Platform That Works

Wellbeing platforms simplify the process of designing, developing, implementing, and managing various aspects of a wellbeing program. They bring together much of what you offer into one easily navigated, easily digested space, then individually guide employees as they take steps to improve their health and wellbeing.

But selecting the right wellbeing platform is no easy task. From finding the right partner, to implementing the solution, to communicating the new offering to employees and measuring the effectiveness it delivers, the investment can be significant. So, how do you go about selecting the right one?

Virgin Pulse partnered with Fran Melmed, founder of context, a communication consulting firm specializing in workplace wellness, to create a decision-support guide. It’ll help you compare wellbeing platform options and be confident in your decisions — whether you’re selecting one for the first time or making a switch this year.

Thinking about offering a new employee wellbeing platform this year? Download the guide. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get access to:

Key Things to Look For

Lots of things to consider as you evaluate wellbeing platforms, right? What’s critical for some companies may not matter so much to others. From helping you understand the impact a particular platform can provide to the various features it offers (think components, flexibility, integration, reporting, global reach, etc.), to the user experience, customer support you’ll get, and more, the guide contains the critical components to consider. Use it as a resource as you determine what your company needs, evaluate your options, and pick the best fit for your organization.

Critical Questions to Ask

Once you’ve assessed your options and defined what you’re looking for, it can still be tricky to really dig in and figure out what to ask so you get the information you need to make a decision. The guide offers some useful, specific questions to ask vendors. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it’s a great foundation to start from that’ll undoubtedly spark some ideas about more questions you’ll want to ask.

How to Advance Strategy and Assess Investments

Whether you’ve already got an employee wellbeing platform or you’re looking to put one in place, you’ll want to make sure you’ve made a wise choice. Use the guide as you assess your investments and get tips on how to think about the value you’re getting from them. There are countless metrics you can measure, but what really matters for your company? The guide can help you determine the best metrics that are critical to your company’s success.

Meantime, let’s take this opportunity to learn together. Take a look at the guide, then share with us in the comments:

  • Your must-have and can-do-without features and services
  • Lessons learned and costly mistakes avoided
  • Categories and questions you think we missed

Katie Tierney is Director of Marketing at Virgin Pulse where she leads marketing communications and public relations. One of Virgin Pulse’s original employees, Katie led efforts to create National Employee Wellness Month, a campaign that helps business leaders learn how companies are successfully engaging employees in healthy lifestyles. A pop culture champ and dance buff, Katie can usually be found busting a move in a Zumba class (or anywhere, really). Follow Katie on twitter: @k_tierney.

Terry D Kennedy |

WOW!!! Katie & VP TEAM… I was going to ask how Virgin Pulse keeps raising the bar, but I believe I know the answer… Surround yourself with people who Think Like You and step back and watch it happen, especially in any successful business, which is really the business of people first…

Fran and her contributions are going to continue to bring the A Game to VP, which fuels the incredible outcomes for any and all businesses who use the Virgin Pulse Process.

Keep all the Great Post Coming… Hope to join you all in the near future


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