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Employee Surveys and the Power of Employee Feedback

August 29, 2017 / Employee Engagement

In a recent webinar hosted by Virgin Pulse, we outlined the roadmap to building an engaged workforce . It is a topic very much on the minds of HR leaders globally, but one that does not get solved without a clear commitment of time, resources and technology to achieve stronger employee engagement. Having said that, industry research is pervasive and supports the fact that investing in improving employee engagement is a sound business decision with clear ROI. Consider these findings from a Colliers International Global Workforce Trends Study (April 2017). In this study the results showed the following business outcomes for companies with a highly engaged workforce:

  • 31% higher productivity
  • 37% higher sales revenue
  • 3X increase in creativity
  • Higher earnings per share

Based on an in-depth review of analyst research, thought leaders, and industry reports our webinar presented a 4 step plan for achieving a more engaged workforce.

  • Select an Owner
  • Deliver a Consumer-Grade Employee Experience
  • Build a Consistent Two-Way Dialogue with Employees
  • Measure for Accountability

Own the Employee Engagement Strategy

It is critical that your organization has someone to own the employee experience efforts. Equally as important to selecting the right leader for your efforts, that leader must have the authority and executive support to impact change and deliver programs and improve employee engagement.

Deliver a Consumer-Grade Experience and Build a Two-Way Dialogue with Employees

Virgin Pulse clients are realizing the benefits of a more engaged workforce by implementing our industry leading daily success platform as part of their overall wellbeing and engagement strategy. Virgin Pulse offers a mobile first, easy, fun and accessible platform that employees want to engage with daily – while achieving sustainable healthy habits.

With the launch of Virgin Pulse Surveys, we now provide employers with employee engagement survey functionality, another critical tool to achieve improved employee engagement. Starting a scalable two-way dialogue with employees to better understand their motivations, thoughts and opinions is a critical step in driving engagement.

In a recent article posted on SHRM’s website Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, wrote;

We in HR have to realize that our job of understanding employees is just as complex and multifaceted as the job of Marketing to understand customers.” He goes on to state that successful organizations are those that build a systemic relationship with their talent. As we all know, strong relationships require communication.

HR leaders need to incorporate employee communications tools that create an experience that makes employees feel heard, valued, and supported throughout their lifecycle at your organization. They also need a systemic solution that scales. The Virgin Pulse listening tools include custom surveys, polls and quizzes that allow for open feedback, in addition to traditional engagement surveys.

Survey frequency is critical because a regular cadence offers timely data that you can act on. While frequency is important, you do want to guard against survey fatigue by using tools that are easy, accessible and entertaining. These surveys should be integrated into an existing daily workflow which makes the Virgin Pulse platform the perfect delivery tool for these interactions.

A Hay Group Whitepaper stated “The survey is more than a mechanism to collect feedback; it is also a powerful communication tool for an organization…. employees become accustomed to regular outreach, and come to believe that their opinions are of great value to their company. Employees also feel that they have a constant outlet to express their feelings, giving them a sense of empowerment. “They go on to say, “strategic use of all the tools at your disposal is the best way to understand your workforce, and to use that knowledge to improve your business.”

It is critical to understand that no survey has value unless it drives an action. Virgin Pulse Surveys allow employers to collect data that will inform their action planning with the goal of driving positive change from the data you collect. In addition, it is critical that employees are presented with the results and outcomes of their feedback. The more transparency, the more trust that is built with your workforce thereby helping ensure honest, thoughtful responses from a workforce that knows it’s opinions matter.

Measure for Accountability

The goal of any employee feedback/listening platform is to gather actionable data for your organization. As we are all aware, business moves fast, and you need fresh data so you can make timely decisions and change at the speed of business. Virgin Pulse Surveys provides the flexibility to deliver rapid insights for HR leaders.

If you would like to learn more about how the Virgin Pulse Platform can help you drive your total wellbeing and engagement strategies, click here to schedule a demo.

Kurt Jones is a senior product marketing manager at Virgin Pulse.

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