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Creating a Wellbeing Ecosystem

November 23, 2020 / Corporate Wellness

Written By: Jordan Dunne

Wellbeing is complex. Too often we focus solely on things like diet and exercise, overlooking other critical factors that impact our overall sense of wellness. Total wellbeing transcends physical health—it encompasses our mental, social, emotional, financial and family health. In order to achieve optimal health, we must address each of these areas in our lives, and that can feel overwhelming and difficult. Fortunately, advances in digital health are making it easier than ever to create a Homebase for HealthTM, a unified wellbeing ecosystem that brings the relevant tools, resources and support you need together in one place.

Finding the Right Wellbeing Partners

We can all agree that wellbeing is complex and multifaceted. With so many factors influencing our health, supporting the wide range of health and wellness needs of your workforce with the proper resources is crucial.

Building your wellbeing ecosystem starts with the platform – the foundation on which all of your wellbeing and benefits programs can be managed, accessed and orchestrated.  Your first platform consideration here should be engagement – you may have the best wellness assistance programs for employees, but are they engaging in those programs? Do they know about them? Are they relevant?

Our Homebase for Health™ vision unlocks the value of all your health investments – integrating your wellbeing, conditions management, benefits navigation, partner programs and point solutions into a smart, open, flexible and “better together” ecosystem. With self-optimizing features like segmentation, microtargeting and personalization, along with live services and tools to enable true healthy habit formation, Virgin Pulse delivers a unified, highly personal, empowering and change-enabling experience for your employees and users.

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Once you have a platform in place, finding the right expert partners to support the array of wellbeing needs within your organization can further enhance your workplace wellness efforts. With the rapidly growing digital health industry, however, comes a seemingly infinite number of options. Selecting credible programs that best fit the needs of your workforce is not an easy undertaking, so we’ve done the work for you. Through an extensive vetting process, we’ve identified a variety of partners to support each area of wellbeing for your workforce. With the tools and resources for physical activity, financial wellbeing, family health, musculoskeletal health, tobacco cessation, mindfulness and nutrition in one unified digital platform, your employees will feel empowered to take charge of their health anytime, anywhere.

For organizations looking for a simple, targeted approach, our VP+ partner bundle offers massive cost savings while addressing top areas of concern for employee wellbeing.


Addressing the Needs of Your At-Risk Employees

If we’ve learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that organizations need to take action today to support their high-risk populations. Between systemic racism driving health inequity, the rising rates of lifestyle-related chronic disease in adults and the increased risk of hospitalization or even death due to COVID-19, helping your employees manage their health has never been more important.

We know that 60% of adults in the U.S. are living with at least one chronic condition and 40% have two or more, acting as the driving force behind the nation’s $3.5 trillion healthcare costs each year. We also know that minority ethnic populations experience higher rates of preventable chronic disease like type 2 diabetes and obesity. By offering high-tech, high-touch digital therapeutics solutions to help your most-at-risk employees prevent, delay or even reverse the onset of these costly conditions, you’ll ensure a healthier future for your people and your business.

Keeping Your Dispersed Workforce Connected

Company culture took a big hit during the coronavirus pandemic. Video meetings and cloud-based collaboration tools may have helped your organization manage the productivity of your dispersed workforce, but it’s important not to overlook how the lack of casual social interactions or a health-centered workplace environment impacts the wellbeing of your employees.

After months of what feels like non-stop Zoom meetings, your employees could use a break from the computer screen and a nudge to get moving while working remotely. Bring that healthy workplace culture to your remote workers with a company-wide virtual wellbeing challenge! Employees can compete against each other while engaging in fun banter through an in-app chat feature while they work together with their teammates to unlock new features and destinations.

Kickstart a culture of wellbeing for your dispersed workforce in a matter of days with VP GO!


Your Homebase for Health™

Your health journey doesn’t have to be complicated. At Virgin Pulse, we’re unifying and simplifying the wellbeing experience for individuals, businesses and health plans. Backed by advanced AI and machine learning, our digital health platform is tailored to meet each individual’s needs through daily engagement, customization options and in-app suggestions. Add-ons like live services and health coaching, digital therapeutics solutions for prediabetes and weight management, an extensive partner network, workplace safety features, benefits navigation and a culture-boosting virtual challenge solution create a robust ecosystem of health and wellness for your entire organization.

By eliminating confusion and bringing the resources that your people need together in one easy-to-access place, we’re proud to say we’re improving health outcomes, boosting engagement and – most importantly – we’re Changing Lives for Good®.

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About The Author

Jordan Dunne is a copywriter and editor on the marketing team at Virgin Pulse, focusing on social strategy and health and wellbeing content. Outside of work, you can find her at the gym, hosting trivia, taking photos of food, or snuggling up on the couch with her dogs.

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