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Why use the new Virgin Pulse app for Apple Watch?

March 28, 2016 / Employee Engagement

Today at Virgin Pulse, we’re very excited to launch the Virgin Pulse app for Apple watch to support
employee wellbeing and engagement. The Virgin Pulse app for Apple Watch pairs perfectly with the Apple Watch’s natural, always-on interface to prompt healthy actions.

      • Why an Apple Watch App?
    • We’re committed to supporting the most popular and widely used wearable devices that engage our members directly in managing and tracking their personal and professional wellbeing goals. So, whether they want to use a device they already have, like an Apple Watch, or choose from a wide variety of other popular devices, we help them do that on the Virgin Pulse platform.
      • The Apple Watch has been big news around Virgin Pulse since Apple unveiled it last spring. Last summer, we announced support for Apple Watch step syncing with our platform. But, we also saw the potential to go beyond merely syncing steps from the Apple Watch, as most wellness programs now do. We wanted to leverage the Apple Watch’s core capabilities to drive engagement and support daily habits in new ways
      • What can members do with the App?
  • With the help of Rocket Insights our web and mobile development agency partner, we’ve designed our app for Apple Watch to deliver a highly personalized employee wellbeing experience that supports the member’s personal health habits.
  • The Virgin Pulse app for Apple Watch helps motivate employees to do healthy things that give them more energy, focus and drive at work and across all aspects of life. The app encourages and reminds members to monitor and take action on their habits. Automatic notifications allow them to track activities steps, sleep, nutrition and much more – right on their wrist. And the app syncs the member’s information automatically with Virgin Pulse, making it easy and frictionless for employees to interact with the program and track their progress throughout the day.

    • What’s the Secret Sauce? 
    • It’s all in how the Apple Watch seamlessly supports Virgin Pulse’s five-step behavior change model:
  • Step 1: Match employees with the right behaviors to help them do what they already want to do AppleWatch2
  • The app taps into your existing motivations by letting you choose habits you want to track
  • Activity is a foundational healthy habit that’s always promoted via the app’s Friends Leaderboard

Step 2: Make the behavior easy to understand, do and check-in

  • To create a new habit you have to simplify it, make it easy – and that’s what the app does
  • With a simple touch of the Apple Watch screen, the app lets you track new behaviors, building up tiny successes day by day until you have a healthy new habit.

Step 3: Trigger the behavior

  • Because, no behavior happens without a trigger, the app uses notifications to prompt action
  • These notifications are designed as micro-check-ins on daily habits, scheduled to trigger at the right time
  • Maybe you’re creating a new habit like eating a healthy breakfast. The app will trigger you to check-in Apple Watch4on that habit mid-morning each day.

Step 4: Celebrate and reward success to create the positive emotions that cement habits

  • The app makes it simple to see progress in the program anytime
  • At a glance, see steps taken, points earned and the level achieved in the program
  • Earn points every day for tracking steps and healthy habits via the app
  • And the Friends Leaderboard makes it easy to view step standings so you can celebrate successes among your friends

Step 5: Practice and revise daily, because habits take time to build

  • With the app, you can “set it and forget it” when it comes to your habits
  • Simply choose the habits you want to track
  • Then practice every day, prompted by helpful and perfectly timed notifications

Apple promises: “to wear it is to love it.” It seems like every day someone new at Virgin Pulse is sporting an Apple Watch on their wrist and doing just that. Our clients have caught the buzz too! They see the Apple Watch as a personal productivity tool that has great potential to help their people do their jobs better.

Clients like Time Warner, Inc. a global leader in media and entertainment Apple Watch3are pursuing innovative ways to use Apple Watch to engage employees and arm them with tools to enhance their performance.

“We want our employees to be and feel their best wherever they – at home, at work, with their family and friends, or even just spending some time by themselves,” said Time Warner Senior Vice President, Global Compensation and Benefits, James Cummings. “Our wellbeing programs are designed to support them whenever they’re ready to begin that work, and to encourage them whenever they need it – whether it’s when they’re succeeding or, more importantly, when they need a little inspiration.  Many of them are using wearable devices like the Apple Watch and, with resources like the Virgin Pulse Apple Watch app, are learning that feeling good – physically, socially, and emotionally – is an acquired habit that can be learned and reinforced with these simple, effective tools.”

The launch of the Virgin Pulse app for Apple Watch marks another milestone in improving the overall employee experience and fostering productive, thriving corporate cultures. And the Virgin Pulse app for Apple Watch is here to help our members be happier, healthier and more productive!

The Virgin Pulse app for Apple Watch is here. And it’s spectacular. Click here to register for a chance to win an Apple Watch.

Jennifer Sartor joined Virgin Pulse in 2014 and is Product Marketing Director for our web and mobile engagement platform. Through her work in the HR space for Virgin Pulse and companies like Globoforce, Monster and MultiPlan, she’s passionate about supporting employers who want to build healthier, happier and more productive workforces. Follow Jen on twitter: @jensartor

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