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5 Ways to Get Employees’ Gray Matter Going

September 28, 2015 / Uncategorized

Girl Running on dirt pathThis post is part of a series about the Virgin Disruptors event, Create New Ways to Work, presented by Virgin Pulse. 

If you go for a three-mile run tonight, you can probably measure that exercise’s impact on your body. You know you’ll burn roughly 300 calories. And if you wear a heart rate monitor, you’ll be able to measure how hard your ticker’s working, too. You also know that if you run again tomorrow, and the next day, and for the rest of the week even, you’ll soon enough see a difference in how you look.

Can you measure the impact that run will have on your brain, though?

Your gut reaction to that question might be no (your brain isn’t going to better fit into its skinny jeans, right?). Or you might think about measuring its affect in terms of how well you sleep tonight, or your energy levels tomorrow.

What if I told you, though, that tonight’s three-mile run will have just as much an impact on your body as it does your brain – and in clearly measurable ways? According to “Minds at Work: Increasing Brainpower Through Exercise,” a paper by Marcia Conner for Virgin Pulse, exercise slows or even reverses the brain’s physical decay, boosts existing brain cells, improves mood, aids multitasking, sidelines age-related memory loss – and so much more.

Turns out, exercise has a profound impact on our brains. Maybe even more than our bodies. But, if that’s the case, then why are less than half of all adults in the U.S. meeting the CDC’s physical guidelines? Answers to that question run the gamut, but one thing’s for sure: everyone can use a little more activity in their day. And there’s no better place to fit it in than at work.

Drive employee well-being and help get their gray matter going by helping your people find easy ways to add more movement to their day. Check out our poster for five simple steps to get started.



Help your people get moving. Download, print out, and post up this free poster, “5 Simple Steps to Move Your Body and Charge Your Brain,” written by Marcia Conner for Virgin Pulse – or save a few trees and feature it on digital screens around your workplace.

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