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Winter '20 Launch

The most innovative expansion of Homebase for Health™

Unify and simplify employees' health journey by integrating health, wellbeing, safety, benefits navigation and care guidance into a seamless, intelligently orchestrated user experience.

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Dr. Marty Makary, John Hopkins Surgeon and Professor of Health Policy
Post-Presidential Election & Healthcare: What You Need To Know

Join Dr. Marty Makary, John Hopkins Surgeon and Professor of Health Policy, as he shares insight into the President-elect’s healthcare policies and how they’ll impact you, your employees and your organization.

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VP GO Fast Forward A Turnkey Event for Employee Wellbeing During COVID-19

Engage employees in any location, prioritize their health and safety, and rebound your business outcomes with VP GO Fast Forward.

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2020 Holiday Nutrition Toolkit

Help guide your employees towards better nutrition this holiday season with a variety of resources, tips and tools.

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VP Transform for Prediabetes Prevent Diabetes with a Personalized, Digital Solution

CDC-recognized solution to help at-risk individuals avoid the complications and costs associated with diabetes during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Managing Mental Wellbeing

Learn how to navigate stress and build resilience in times of change.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Caring for Your Workforce

"VP has been really strong with communications and support for
COVID-19. You've been the first vendor to really be all over it and
make sure we are supported.”

- Cassandra Perry, Vice President- Benefits, US, IMI

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Many Paths, One Journey

Virgin Pulse’s flexible, culture-first technology solutions are designed to meet you where you are on your wellbeing journey today, and grow with you as your business and wellbeing needs evolve.

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NCQA Certified

NCQA Certified

Virgin Pulse Health Check is officially NCQA-certified, with a score of 100%

What Business Outcomes Can We Help You Achieve?

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs

  • Improve Business Performance

  • Build a Great Company Culture

  • Integrate and Optimize Benefits and HR Investments

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    95% retention rate

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    More habit building interactions per member than other programs. That’s 1,440 per year!

  • Members
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    87% of members say Virgin Pulse changed their lives

Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board

See the cutting-edge research and insights below from internationally recognized academics and experts across key fields that impact employee wellbeing and engagement.

  • 2019 Industry Report – The Corporate Wellbeing Market with Josh Bersin

    Learn why employee wellbeing should be central to your HR strategy and how to build your program from the ground up.

    Download Report
  • The Leader’s Guide to Employee Engagement

    Engagement strategies from Harvard psychologist Susan David.

    Download Paper
  • The Truth About Food with Dr. David Katz

    Dr. Katz answers all of your burning nutrition questions and debunks latest diet trends and food fads that promise to deliver magical results.

    View Webinar
  • Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive

    Susan David, Ph.D., explores the critical, internal psychological habits that enable employees to engage others across organizations and to thrive.

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  • Influencing Networks of Health at Work

    Discover how leveraging social networks is critical to business strategy and success in today’s world.

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  • Building a Resilient Workforce that Bounces Back

    Harness the power of resilience through employee wellbeing.

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  • Video Guide: How Habits Really Work with Dr. BJ Fogg

    A behavior scientist and innovator, Fogg conducted the first-ever series of experiments on how computers can influence people.

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Engaged Employees. Happy Clients. Business Results.

4,000 Clients. 84 of the Global Fortune 500. 95% Client Retention Rate.

  • "There are so many ways to stay connected, and to think about the little changes that can lead to a healthier, happier life."
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  • “Every company wants to do more work with less people. When you encourage employees to exercise and eat healthy, you’re going to have more productivity in the workplace.
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  • “I like the ability to customize and integrate all of our different health and safety initiatives into the Virgin  Pulse platform.”
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  • "I think wellbeing is a huge part of attracting new employees and retaining those employees once they get there."
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  • "Our goal is to meet individuals where they are at. And if we can provide them tools that will push them in the right direction, then they will be happy and the company will be happy."
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  • "Virgin Pulse helped meet Movement Mortgage's biggest challenge of having their employees feel a sense of connection."
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