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We engage your people. They ignite your business.

Today’s demanding world leaves us overwhelmed, disengaged, at risk for burnout. Replenish your employees with tools that help build better habits.

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Dr. Susan David Understanding Emotional Agility

Learn how to decipher between "good" and "bad" stress with Harvard psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Susan David.

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Industry Experts Share 2018 Predictions in Wellbeing

HR leaders, analysts, top research scientists and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, share upcoming trends and challenges for wellbeing and engagement for next year and beyond.

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What Would Happen if We Built A Routine of Healthy Habits

When employees feel good, they work hard. And businesses thrive.
Want happier, healthier employees empowered to do their best?

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Today's Employees Are More Stressed Than Ever.

80% of workers feel stressed on the job and the cost adds up to $300 billion annually in lost productivity. Learn how to combat this workplace epidemic.

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Many Paths, One Journey

Virgin Pulse’s flexible, culture-first technology solutions are designed to meet you where you are on your wellbeing journey today, and grow with you as your business and wellbeing needs evolve.

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What Business Outcomes Can We Help You Achieve?

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs

  • Improve Business Performance

  • Build a Great Company Culture

  • Integrate and Optimize Benefits and HR Investments

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    95% retention rate

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    1440 habit-building interactions per member per year. That's 8x more than other wellbeing programs.

  • Members
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    87% of members say Virgin Pulse changed their lives

Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board

Read cutting-edge research and insights from internationally recognized academics and experts across key fields that impact employee wellbeing and engagement.

  • Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive

    Susan David, Ph.D., explores the critical, internal psychological habits that enable employees to engage others across organizations and to thrive.

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  • The Leader’s Guide to Employee Engagement

    Engagement strategies from Harvard psychologist Susan David.

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  • Video Guide: How Habits Really Work with Dr. BJ Fogg

    A behavior scientist and innovator, Fogg conducted the first-ever series of experiments on how computers can influence people.

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  • The Basic Care and Feeding of Homo Sapiens: Are We Truly Clueless?

    Dr. David Katz explores why diet has the potential to be counted among the most potent of modern medicines.

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  • Influencing Networks of Health at Work

    Discover how leveraging social networks is critical to business strategy and success in today’s world.

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  • Employee Wellbeing Predictions for 2017

    Get a sneak peek into the future of employee wellbeing.

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  • Building a Resilient Workforce that Bounces Back

    Harness the power of resilience through employee wellbeing.

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  • 2018 Employee Wellbeing Predictions

    Employee wellbeing will play an increasingly important role in helping organizations worldwide better engage their employees, help their workforce realize their full potential and drive improved business outcomes.

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Engaged Employees. Happy Clients. Business Results.

2,200 Clients. 120 of the Global Fortune 500. 95% Client Retention Rate.

  • “When our employees know we care about them, they respond. Virgin Pulse has been very effective in promoting a culture of wellness at Ascend, and most important, healthier lifestyles for our employees.”
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  • “Every company wants to do more work with less people. When you encourage employees to exercise and eat healthy, you’re going to have more productivity in the workplace.
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  • “The challenges have been a huge morale booster. Employees love motivating each other and having that extra support while pursuing their own health goals. And it also shows them that the company cares about their health.”
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  • It is a win-win. We have less claims cost, less sick time, higher productivity, more engaged employees because they’re feeling good about taking control of their wellness.”
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  • "People who hear about the well-being program we have here with Virgin Pulse want to come work with us. The employees we have want to stay as a result."
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  • “Virgin Pulse has proven to be exactly what employees want – a way to encourage and support physical activity and cheer each other on. That added engagement is great.”
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  • “That first summer we launched the Virgin Pulse program, the excitement and buzz was truly unbelievable. It’s become ‘cool’ to have your activity tracker on... it’s a culture change toward health.”
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