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We engage your people.
They ignite your business.
Today’s demanding world leaves us overwhelmed, disengaged and at risk for burnout. Replenish your employees with tools that help them build better habits.

Many Paths, One Journey

Virgin Pulse’s flexible, culture-first technology solutions are designed to meet you where you are on your wellbeing journey today, and grow with you as your business and wellbeing needs evolve.

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Select the Outcomes You’re Looking to Achieve:

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs

  • Increase Workforce Productivity

  • Build a Great Company Culture

  • Integrate and Optimize Benefits and HR Investments

Clients Love It


97% retention rate

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1440 habit-building interactions per member per year

Members Love It


87% of members say Virgin Pulse changed their lives

VOI Paper

Go Beyond ROI

Learn to Measure the Value of Your Wellbeing Platform

In this whitepaper from Ron Z. Goetzel of Truven Health Analytics, you’ll learn how to shift the conversation from “return on investment” to “value on investment” with stakeholders. You’ll also learn how to demonstrate how your wellbeing initiatives impact your company’s bottom line.

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Customer Success Stories

  • “Our employees are 90% engaged in the program right now – which is big!”

  • “An investment in our people was the best way to demonstrate that we’re serious about building business.

  • “Virgin Pulse has proven to be exactly what employees want.

  • “People who hear about the well-being program we have want to come work with us.

  • Employees love the benefit of the extra incentive.”

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