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We’re excited to celebrate ten years of Thrive and reflect on the iconic moments that make Thrive spectacular.

Thrive is unlike any other industry conference, where we gather the entire health ecosystem to learn, collaborate, and define the future of health, wellbeing, and navigation.It’s a comprehensive yet intimate experience, attended by health and marketing executives, people leaders, and more who are facing similar challenges and driving to real results.

We tackle big topics like workplace culture and health, population engagement, patient acquisition, member experience, and more. You’ll gain actionable, real-life strategies for evolving programs and achieving positive outcomes.

Laura Wamsley, EVP and GM for Virgin Pulse, has four years of Thrive Summit stories. In the run-up to Thrive 2023, we asked Laura for her favorite Thrive memories:

The second line procession that kicked off Thrive, 2019, in New Orleans 

That year a second line—a quintessential New Orleans jazz parade—surprised everyone at breakfast and escorted us to the General Session room, where they then did a rendition of Ray Charles’ “Georgia.” To see the live band, guests, staff, and speakers all dancing into the auditorium? Such great energy! 

The champagne skirts at the New Orleans reception

In 2019 we had an evening reception at Elm’s Mansion. And as guests arrived, they were greeted by “champagne ladies” decked in metal hoop skirts that carried almost 100 glasses of champagne for the taking.

Erik Wahl painting at the Miami Thrive in 2018

We opened Thrive that year with speaker and artist Erik Wahl, who delivers inspirational storytelling while painting incredible portraits. He created a beautiful painting of Serena Williams – our keynote that year. His ability to weave a story and create a masterpiece before your eyes is breathtaking. 

Favorite Thrive speakers: Richard Branson, Serena Williams

Watching Sir Richard Branson, who is inspiring, funny, and a little nerve-wracking. And, of course, seeing Serena Williams, an amazing force of nature.


Laura’s focus and responsibility is to lead the creation of compelling value for our employer clients through our solution set and our strategic relationships.

She enthusiastically brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in sales, marketing, account management, product and reporting. She also has experience working with Fortune 500 companies, national and regional health plans and mid-sized employers to identify and deploy game-changing solutions.

Laura thrives on growth and is passionate about empowering people to be their best—whether they are her internal colleagues or customer and consumer populations.

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