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Iconic Thrive Moments: Stories from Insiders  

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We’re excited to celebrate ten years of Thrive and reflect on the iconic moments that make Thrive spectacular.  

Thrive is unlike any other industry conference, where we gather the entire health ecosystem to learn, collaborate, and define the future of health, wellbeing, and navigation. It’s a comprehensive yet intimate experience, attended by health and marketing executives, people leaders, and more, who are facing similar challenges and driving to real results.   

We tackle big topics like workplace culture and health, population engagement, patient acquisition, member experience, and more. You’ll gain actionable, real-life strategies for evolving programs and achieving positive outcomes. 

Andrew Boyd, Chief of Staff and Head of Corporate Development at Virgin Pulse has 5 years of Thrive Summit stories. In the run-up to Thrive 2023, we asked Andrew for his favorite Thrive members. 

Over the past 10 years we’ve hosted across a variety of platforms and cities, what was your favorite Thrive location and why?  

One of the things I love about Thrive is the location always aligns with the theme of the event. My favorite location was Miami in 2018. Sunrise yoga and networking by the ocean is an energizing experience. 

Favorite Thrive memory and why?  

I saw Richard Branson’s keynote in New Orleans in 2019. I had no idea what would come out of his mouth next! How he took us through his journey in business, always with humor, a wink, and a nod was fascinating. I think I may have held my breath for half of the keynote.  

What makes Thrive different?  

The content and speakers are top-notch and always have powerful takeaways.  

For instance, during Thrive 2019, Peter Attia delivered a powerful and vulnerable talk on “success addiction” and how he changed the trajectory of his life and relationships because of it. David Katz delivered his keynote in rhyme which was pretty impressive.  

And Ariana Huffington’s 2016 keynote, which has had the most lasting impact on me, encouraged me to change my sleep habits.  

Favorite Virgin Pulse announcement at Thrive?  

When we announced “Homebase for Health” at Thrive in 2019 – a visionary and game-changing strategy that has been our guiding principle for the last three years.  

Any behind-the-scenes moments you want to share?  

Post-Thrive revelry in Miami, but what happens at Thrive stays at Thrive.  

To learn more about Thrive 2023 and register click here!


As Chief of Staff and Head of Corporate Development, Andrew oversees strategy, business transformation, corporate development, and M&A integration.  

Prior to this role, Andrew held senior sales, marketing, and general management positions at Virgin Pulse.  

He has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the SaaS/software industry.