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We’re excited to celebrate ten years of Thrive and reflect on the iconic moments that make Thrive spectacular.  

Thrive is unlike any other industry conference, where we gather the entire health ecosystem to learn, collaborate, and define the future of health, wellbeing, and navigation. It’s a comprehensive yet intimate experience, attended by health and marketing executives, people leaders, and more, who are facing similar challenges and driving to real results.  

We tackle big topics like workplace culture and health, population engagement, patient acquisition, member experience, and more. You’ll gain actionable, real-life strategies for evolving programs and achieving positive outcomes. 

Carol McCarthy, an Account Management Director at Virgin Pulse has 9 years of Thrive Summit stories. In the run-up to Thrive 2023, we asked Carol for her favorite Thrive memories.  

Over the past 10 years we’ve hosted across various platforms and cities; what was your favorite Thrive location and why? My favorite location was Scottsdale, Arizona in 2017 because the outdoor space was spectacular. I also loved that it was also a contained environment. So, we had continuous opportunities to interact with clients and have meaningful conversations.  

Which is your favorite Thrive and why? It’s like choosing your favorite child. I just can’t do it. They have all been amazing in their own way. 

Favorite Thrive speaker? So many good choices. It would be a toss-up between Ariana Huffington, who had such a presence, and all those useful tips that have stuck with me. And the incredibly impactful and insightful Yale professor, Laurie Santos, whose course “Psychology and the Good Life” is a global sensation.  

How is Thrive different from other conferences? The energy is like no other. You must experience it to understand it. It takes networking and idea exchanging to a whole new level. So many clients say this is the one conference they would never miss and come back year after year. 

What do you think makes Thrive special to attendees? We really take a hands-on approach to ensure that each client gets what they want out of it. We introduce them to other clients in similar industries or those who have overcome similar obstacles. We offer a variety of break-out sessions that include client speakers with relevant content. It’s all about meaningful connections, extensive learning and so much FUN! 

Any funny or insightful behind-the-scenes moments? I loved when Thrive was held at The Liberty Hotel in Boston in 2016. It was an outstanding event that exceeded expectations and pushed the limits of room capacity! I still remember having so much fun with huge groups of us taking over the streets of Boston walking to the Red Sox game.  


Carol recently celebrated 9 years with Virgin Pulse and is responsible for managing a Client Services team.   

She oversees the management and strategic direction of clients including finding ways to continually delight them while increasing customer satisfaction.