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Close care gaps like a 5‑star plan.

Intelligently connect members with the resources and incentives that will not only close gaps, but improve HEDIS and Star Ratings too.

From diabetes management and screenings to virtual therapy and biometrics, our gap closing methodology is proven to significantly improve a plan’s ability to impact member outcomes, manage costs and increase quality scores.

Popular five-star plans leverage our member engagement platform to identify risks, understand intent and activate even the hardest-to-reach populations. We address social determinants and breakdown barriers, helping members address multiple gaps in one, efficient interaction.

Leverage data you don’t have

Our industry-leading social determinants of health data combined with billions of claims deliver better insights and faster results.

Optimize outreach to close multiple gaps

Our platform leverages predictive analytics to prioritize highest value and most likely gaps to be closed at the individual level.

Prevent care gaps with personalized support

Connect and reward members with convenient access to industry-leading digital health programs and resources.

Reach more members

Integrated campaigns feature digital and offline channels – email, text, automated voice (IVR) calls and more – to maximize outreach.

All Health Plan Offerings

It’s time to activate change.

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