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Your partner for the journey ahead.

The time is now to improve population health, gain a competitive edge and inspire hope with an innovative and strategic partnership.

Take a bold step forward by expanding your member, client and community commitment with best-in-class digital health solutions designed to advance total population health.

Deliver market-leading health and wellbeing engagement to your members and employers with our Homebase for Health platform. As your digital front door, we bring everything together into a seamless, personalized, and data-driven experience that delivers health improvements and demonstrable results.

Market-leading engagement

Deliver a top-rated member experience 24/7

Provide an intuitive and personalized experience that your members and clients will love with our 4.9 rated (out of 5 stars) always-on mobile app, or through API connection to your member portal.

Support whole-person health

Seamlessly connect members with the mind, body and community support they need, when they need them, to improve health outcomes.

Create a homebase for population health

Make it easy for you and your clients to integrate and promote existing resources, partner programs and key services, as well as drive awareness, usage and efficacy.

Address social determinants

Activate your entire community with SDOH insights and support DEI initiatives with human interactions, peer-group programming, navigation, health literacy, and more.

Become a health and wellbeing leader

Standout with a best-in-class member experience, always-on market innovation and dedicated support to accelerate retention and growth.

Win more business

Be competitive in your market and beyond, grow market share and expand client opportunities with our custom training packages.

  • 88

    of members clicked on promoted clinical programs

  • 84

    of high-risk, hypertensive members reduced blood pressure

  • 81

    of members have developed positive daily habits

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