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A faster path to first fill and refills.

With at least 50% of patients with chronic health conditions skipping medications or not refilling, many organizations are seeking effective ways to increase compliance.

We have the data, outreach capabilities and expertise to reach people with the right message. Our Medication Adherence solution, VP Activate™, delivers automated reminders, promotes the use of generics, educates on mail-order options and more.

Our VP Activate™ solution is so effective, the Validation Institute guarantees performance to drive better health outcomes by increasing medication adherence among a targeted population. We run dozens of proactive, integrated campaigns for the nation’s top pharmacies and plans that significantly boost compliance.

Prevent Non-Compliance from the Start

Confidently predict non-compliance risks and conduct barrier-breaking campaigns that address access, costs and misinformation.

Maximize Campaign Outreach

Integrated multi-channel campaigns drive faster results like automated voice (IVR) calls for refills, text messaging for reminders and postcards for mail orders.

Raise your Ratings

VP Activate™ is proven to help increase ratings for adherence quality measures and customer satisfaction measures.

Increase Refill Rates

Deliver engaging messaging that’s been proven to increase refill rates by 85% compared to the unengaged.

All Health Plan Offerings

It’s time to activate change.

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