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Create an inclusive and empowering culture.

Employee wellbeing is at the heart of every great company culture, yet today’s disperse and diverse workforces is making it nearly impossible to cultivate a cohesive culture.

We help companies build great places to work with a customizable, flexible solution that supports your culture, values and business goals. 

Your culture is your currency for attracting, retaining and improving top talent. Our platform is purpose-built for purpose-driven cultures with the breadth and flexibility that you need. Become a great place to work and reduce turnover by promoting and living your company values, and strengthening connections across your organization with one destination.

Create critical connections

Drive collaboration and organizational alignment with meaningful daily interactions and team-based initiatives.

Support DEI initiatives

A platform to celebrate diversity and empower employees, creating a more inclusive, respectful and stronger culture.

Cultivate a culture of wellbeing

No matter where your employees are in their wellbeing journey, they believe that you, their employer, cares about them.

Stimulate success

Create an environment where every employee feels motivated to succeed, regardless of their preferred activity, location or level.

Make teamwork contagious

Harness the power of social connections and team-based contests to drive friendly competition, promote wellbeing tips and healthy habits and increase collaboration.

Promote your values

Brand your culture and values, your way, through activities that reflect your company’s history, special causes or initiatives, locations or accomplishments.

  • 87

    say wellbeing programs positively impact company culture

  • 23

    less likely to resign if engaged with Virgin Pulse compared to non-members

  • 66

    say colleagues positively impact their focus and productivity

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