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Virgin Pulse Unveils Integrated Digital Therapeutics Suite to Rein in High-Cost Chronic Conditions  

Embedded within Homebase for Health®, new VP Transform suite will support disease prevention efforts with evidence-based curriculum, multi-modal coaching, and connected devices 

Providence, R.I. – September 20, 2023 – With approximately one in three adults globally struggling with multiple chronic conditions, there’s a critical need for effective condition management programs – particularly for issues like prediabetes, obesity, and hypertension, which can lead to serious and expensive health problems. To help curtail these conditions and their costs, Virgin Pulse, the leading global digital-first health, wellbeing, and navigation company, is expanding its clinical health support with the new VP Transform, a suite of digital therapeutics solutions to proactively address chronic conditions, beginning with prediabetes, blood pressure, and weight management. Conveniently embedded within the Homebase for Health® platform, the new VP Transform will combine the best of AI-powered technology, behavior change science, expert coaching, and world-class engagement for a targeted, clinically validated approach to chronic condition prevention and management.  

Heart disease/stroke, cancer, and diabetes are the top causes of death and disability in the United States, as well as leading drivers of the nation’s $4.1 trillion in annual healthcare costs. Heart disease and stroke alone result in $147 billion in lost productivity. For employers, especially those that are self-insured, the cost of treating chronic conditions such as prediabetes, hypertension, and obesity can be substantial. Unmanaged chronic conditions can lead to lower employee productivity due to increased sick days, fatigue, and general poor health. These issues are largely preventable through clinically validated lifestyle and behavior change programs.  

The new VP Transform is a year-long, evidence-based, behavior change program embedded into the Homebase for Health platform, providing employers and their people with the ease of an integrated solution they use every day. The high-touch, accessible solution empowers members to take an active role in their health and avoid the complications and costs associated with some of the most common chronic conditions. VP Transform will focus on helping members achieve a clinically significant, sustainable weight while increasing levels of physical activity through a scalable digital therapeutic solution that’s already part of their daily wellbeing routine. Virgin Pulse is contracting now for the new suite of solutions, which will be generally available in early 2024 and will initially provide support for prediabetes, weight management, and blood pressure. 

“The high interest in GLP-1 medications for weight loss proves that there is a real consumer demand for solutions to chronic issues, but medications are not always the right fit and can be expensive. Forming healthy habits alongside – or instead of – these medications is key to long-term success,” said Jeffrey Jacques, MD, chief medical officer for Virgin Pulse. “Providing employees with a structured, habit-building program will not only reduce the need for expensive treatments and hospitalizations, but it will enhance workforce productivity and loyalty. VP Transform is delivered in phases to promote self-efficacy with more personalized support than other programs, ensuring meaningful engagement and outcomes. You can’t go it alone, and with VP Transform, you don’t have to.” 

With an initial focus on prediabetes, blood pressure, and weight management, the new VP Transform combines the best of AI-powered technology, consumer-friendly tools, and a specialized coaching team for those at risk of developing lifestyle-related chronic conditions. The collection of evidence-based and clinically validated digital therapeutic solutions will seamlessly connect members with condition prevention and management support as part of their daily wellbeing efforts, driving better control of their health and effectively reducing their risk of their identified chronic condition. It will feature: 

  • High-touch human support – One-on-one, multimodal sessions with a specially trained health coach who will provide tailored guidance and individualized whole-person support to each member. Members will receive more time with their coaches – by phone and in-app messaging – than they would with other programs on the market. 
  • Evidence-based curriculum – Holistic, self-paced learning modules with topics covering all dimensions of wellbeing include quizzes, action plans, and self-reflections. An easy-to-use, photo-enabled food log encourages better tracking and provides intrinsic motivation for healthier eating. 
  • Connected smart devices – Consumer-grade behavior tracking tools and connected hardware such as an auto-synced smart scale or a Wi-Fi-enabled blood pressure cuff support self-monitoring and accountability. 

The classic version of Virgin Pulse’s Transform Prediabetes has been recognized by the CDC as a top-performing program 12 times and counting, and has journal-published study results demonstrating efficacy. It has outperformed similar programs’ weight loss average by 49% according to the American Diabetes Association, and 91% of participants enjoy their VP Transform program experience. Virgin Pulse built on this proven methodology for the new VP Transform suite, addressing prediabetes as well as blood pressure, and weight management, with enhancements for even greater impact and convenience. 

“We believe in the power of lifestyle-as-medicine, where physical activity, a balanced eating pattern, social connection, and preventative care all play a vital role in achieving and maintaining total wellbeing. With VP Transform as part of Homebase for Health, individuals are empowered to become better custodians of their own health,” concluded Dr. Jacques. 

Expert Insights & Additional Information Available 

To help organizations as they aim to support their populations in managing chronic conditions, Virgin Pulse has made a range of resources available, including on-demand webinars, blog posts, and more. These include: 

  • VP Transform Landing Page – Learn more about the new VP Transform suite and access supporting materials. Visit the page here
  • Condition Management Q&A with Virgin Pulse’s Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Jeff Jacques shares his clinical perspective on condition management and how organizations can better support their members’ needs. Read it here
  • Experts Weigh In: GLP-1 Drugs, Mental Health, and Behavior Change – With the growing popularity of GLP-1 medications shining a brighter spotlight on obesity management, experts discuss the broader implications of obesity, the dual clinical and financial aspects of GLP-1s, and the impact on mental health. Watch the recording of the interactive discussion, available here