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Virgin Pulse Adds New Partners & Expanded Offerings to Homebase for Health’s Curated Ecosystem to Support Key Health and Wellbeing Needs 

Clients & Members Now Have Integrated Access to In-Demand Solutions Addressing Surgical Centers of Excellence, Workforce Resilience, Virtual Chronic Care, Digestive Health, and Chronic Condition Prevention 

Providence, R.I., October 13, 2022 Virgin Pulse, the leading global digital-first health and wellbeing company, today announced the addition of five new or expanded partners to its curated ecosystem, providing more support in areas of growing importance for clients and members to drive better outcomes and manage costs. These include surgical centers of excellence, virtual care for chronic conditions, digestive health support, and resources for chronic condition prevention. Additionally, new workforce resilience offerings have been added to its VP+ partner bundle program. 

Available via its Homebase for Health® platform, Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem streamlines access to more than 70 specialty solutions, making it easy for companies to connect members with a broad range of high-impact health and wellbeing programs. Virgin Pulse also offers its one-contract VP+ partner bundle program, which enables employers and health plans to easily curate a suite of pre-vetted, pre-integrated partner solutions that meet the needs of their populations. 

The following five partners are joining the Virgin Pulse partner ecosystem or expanding their offerings: 

  • Carrum Health – Centers of excellence for surgical and cancer care 
  • meQ – Workforce resilience (two offerings added to VP+) 
  • Omada Health – Virtual care for chronic conditions 
  • Vivante Health – Digestive health 
  • Yes Health – Chronic condition prevention 

“Our partner resources are an important aspect of our health and wellbeing offerings. We aim to ensure our partners reflect the evolving needs of various populations and are proven effective in supporting employees and in turn, delivering employer benefit,” said Jeff Yoshimura, chief product officer at Virgin Pulse. “For example, surgical spend is one of the biggest contributors to many employers’ healthcare costs, so providing a solution like Carrum Health to help with value-based decisions is important – especially as surgical volumes are expected to rebound in the coming year. Through integration with our Homebase for Health platform, we make it easy for employers to deploy these solutions and for members to use them.”  

Virgin Pulse’s comprehensive review and selection process ensures each partner within its ecosystem maintains the highest privacy and security standards, drives member engagement, and is focused on delivering health and cost-savings outcomes. Virgin Pulse eliminates administrative burdens by completing these comprehensive reviews of all new partners along with handling vendor contracting, procurement, and billing on behalf of clients. 

Integrated, Curated Partner Ecosystem 

Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem helps companies close gaps in care across more than 20 health and wellbeing categories while addressing the most common and costly health concerns. To optimize program utilization and user experience, all partner solutions are seamlessly integrated and accessible through Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health platform, which provides a single entry point to comprehensive digital capabilities and live services, as well as the partner ecosystem. Combined with personalized recommendations and incentives, the platform guides members to make the best possible decisions at every stage of their health and wellbeing journey. Usage data shows that four times more members are engaged with select partner solutions integrated into Virgin Pulse versus standalone deployments. 

More information about Virgin Pulse’s new or expanded partners: 

Centers of Excellence for Surgical and Cancer Care: 

Carrum Health offers the first value-based complete surgical and cancer care platform that combines the benefits of bundled payments with Centers of Excellence (COE) surgical guidance and coordination to deliver the highest quality, most appropriate care. By connecting self-insured employers with the top 10% of doctors and facilities across the nation, Carrum reduces unnecessary procedures by as much as 30% and aligns cost and care incentives to save employers more than 45% per episode of care, all validated by peer-reviewed publications. Carrum’s award-winning technology gives members access to a mobile app and Care Specialist that guides them through their entire episode of care, and a seamless platform integration to make COE adoption plug-and-play for employers.  

Workforce Resilience: 

meQ is the #1 global digital resilience solution for building workforce wellbeing and performance. meQ’s data analytics-based approach uses AI to predict workforce risk for burnout, stress, anxiety and depression, prepares employees for growth and propels teams to action, making any workforce a workforce for growth. The meQ solution is available in 14 languages, and serves Fortune 500 global enterprises in 84 countries. The company has been included in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list the last four years in a row (2019-2022), Financial Times’ and Statista Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies and was honored with Deloitte’s Fast 500 Technology Award. meQ product innovation has been recognized by Brandon Hall’s Annual Technology Awards and the 2022 WELCOA Well-being Trailblazer Award.  

Virtual Care for Chronic Conditions: 

Omada Health delivers integrated, virtual care across chronic conditions, a top clinical need for employers and health plans. By combining clinical best practices with the science of behavior change, Omada Health improves member health and reduces the cost of care. Working with over 1,700+ customers – including health plans, health systems, and employers ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500s across a wide variety of industries – Omada delivers personalized interventions for diabetes, diabetes prevention, hypertension, and musculoskeletal issues. All programs include integrated behavioral health support. Omada Health’s virtual care programs are clinically supported and evidence-based, with results published in multiple peer-reviewed journals.  

Digestive Health: 

Vivante Health’s GIThrive is the first comprehensive digital health platform designed specifically to address digestive health issues, which affect more than 70 million Americans and typically rank among an organization’s top five healthcare expenses. The program combines gut bacteria analysis and trigger food identification with app-based personalized action plans, food diaries, educational materials, and 24/7 personal support from registered dietitians and health coaches backed by a multidisciplinary team of clinical professionals. Organizations implementing GIThrive have reduced digestive-related healthcare spend by 15% and seen a 93% reported improvement in their members’ symptoms. 

Chronic Condition Prevention: 

  • Yes Health 

Yes Health is the first fully CDC-recognized, all-mobile diabetes prevention program with on-demand coaching designed to empower people everywhere to start living healthier, happier lives. Its team of physicians, health coaches and engineers has created a high-engagement, lifestyle-change platform that’s low-cost, easy to follow and successful. With its best-in-class diabetes prevention, weight loss, and healthy lifestyle programs, Yes Health provides its platform to payers, providers and self-insured employers, helping them achieve a higher ROI on their condition management and wellness programs. Yes Health helps people take charge of their health – and have fun doing it – by developing healthy habits that last a lifetime.