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Virgin Pulse Adds New Partners and Expanded Offerings to VP+ Program, Providing More Options for Addressing Health and Wellbeing Needs via Homebase for Health®

Expanded Partner Ecosystem Delivers Integrated Access to Solutions Supporting Prescription Transparency, Mental and Musculoskeletal Health, and Expert Medical Opinions

Providence, R.I., April 26, 2022 Virgin Pulse, the leading global digital-first health and wellbeing company, today announced the addition of five new or expanded partners to its VP+ partner program to provide more access to areas of increasing importance for clients, ranging from mental health and pain management to prescription transparency and second opinions. Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem streamlines access to more than 70 specialty solutions, making it easy for companies to connect members with a broad range of high-impact health and wellbeing programs. More information about the new VP+ partners and the partner ecosystem will be featured in front of more than 1,200 industry-leading visionaries, healthcare professionals, human resource executives, and benefits experts at this week’s Thrive Summit 2022, the premier conference for employee health and wellbeing occurring in Austin, Texas and virtually, April 26-28, 2022.

Virgin Pulse’s one-contract VP+ partner bundle program enables employers and health plans to easily curate a suite of pre-vetted, pre-integrated partner solutions and launch within 30 days. The five new or expanded partners joining VP+ address the following key health and wellbeing areas:

  • Kaia Health – Musculoskeletal health (expanded offering)
  • Koa Health Foundations –Mental health and burnout
  • MORE Health –Expert medical opinion
  • Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS) –Prescription transparency and optimization
  • Whil, A Rethink Division –Holistic wellbeing (expanded offering)

“More companies than ever are embracing digital wellbeing solutions to support their employees and members, but launching standalone solutions creates complexity and can drive up costs,” said Jeff Yoshimura, executive vice president of product and innovation for Virgin Pulse. “Our VP+ partner bundle approach is designed to provide employers with customized collections of solutions – integrated with our industry-leading engagement platform – that match their needs.”

“In fact, our results show that up to four times more members are engaged with select partner solutions integrated into Virgin Pulse versus standalone deployments. We are making it easier and more cost effective for benefits administration teams to deploy the solutions that will drive successful engagement and outcomes with their people, while saving them time and money,” added Yoshimura.

Human resources and benefits leaders have more options than ever, with over 350,000 health-related apps now available via app stores*. Careful vetting is necessary to determine which programs are most effective, engaging, and secure. Virgin Pulse’s comprehensive review process ensures each partner within its ecosystem maintains the highest privacy and security standards, drives member engagement, and is focused on delivering health and cost-savings outcomes. Virgin Pulse eliminates administrative burdens by completing these comprehensive reviews of all new partners along with handling vendor contracting, procurement, and billing for certain certified partners, including the new additions.

Diverse and Customizable Partner Ecosystem

Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem helps companies close gaps in care across more than 20 health and wellbeing categories while addressing the most common and costly health concerns. To optimize program utilization and user experience, all partner solutions are seamlessly integrated and accessible through Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® experience, which provides a single entry point to comprehensive digital capabilities and live services, as well as the partner ecosystem. Combined with personalized recommendations and incentives, the platform guides members to make the best possible decisions at every stage of their health and wellbeing journey.

More information about Virgin Pulse’s new or expanded VP+ partners:

Musculoskeletal Health:

Kaia Health is a digital therapeutics company that creates accessible, evidence-based treatments for a range of conditions, including MSK pain and COPD. Kaia Health covers 60 million lives globally, and its clinically proven motion analysis capability is transforming and democratizing healthcare through technology that patients can access anytime, anywhere, with the camera of their smartphone or tablet. Kaia Health is the most clinically validated digital MSK provider, and its motion analysis technology is as accurate as physical therapists in suggesting exercise corrections, resulting in equitable care regardless of BMI, age, gender, or location.

Mental Health:

Koa Health is a global provider of evidence-based, personalized, integrated solutions and services that deliver mental health for everyone. Available to more than three million users worldwide, Koa Health addresses a vast spectrum of mental health needs – from improving wellbeing to mitigating burnout to supporting treatment for the most prolific disorders. It leverages deep clinical expertise, research, and technology to deliver effective and accessible care that adapts to users’ unique circumstances, leading to lasting behavior change and positive health outcomes. Koa Foundations includes a library of content grounded in science to help users deal with workplace stress, feeling down, poor sleep, worry and anxious thoughts, low self-esteem, and more.

Expert Medical Opinion:

MORE Health, a global digital health company, provides peace of mind and confidence to patients when they need it most – when facing a serious life-changing illness. Delivering second medical opinions virtually, MORE Health delivers a diagnosis and recommended treatment plan from the world’s best medical minds. This collaborative approach to diagnosis puts the patient at the center of the process – empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. Offering all the benefits of a second opinion, the service ensures that the attending doctor and the expert physician specialist are aligned through their proprietary, GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant Physician Collaboration Platform™, thus minimizing errors while also resolving potential conflicts regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan developed.

Prescription Transparency and Optimization:

Founded by a pharmacist, Rx Savings Solutions helps people and payers reduce prescription drug costs through a combination of patented clinical technology, transparency, member engagement, and concierge support. Currently 17 million members have access to personalized recommendations for lowering prescription costs and dedicated pharmacy experts to help navigate benefits, providers, and pharmacies.

Holistic Wellbeing:

Whil is an enterprise behavioral health platform that holistically addresses the personal wellbeing, professional resilience and parental success of all employees. Whil’s evidence-based, digital-enabled services help employees and their families be happier and healthier in all aspects of their lives – at work, at home and everywhere in between. As an enterprise solution, Whil supports nine languages, integrates within a corporate behavioral health ecosystem, and helps 30 of the Fortune 100 companies enhance organizational performance and competitive advantage.

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