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A place for everyone

A diverse and inclusive workforce is an organizational imperative – a core value affording our employees the opportunity to change lives for good.

At Virgin Pulse, we strive to cultivate a work environment that brings the power of inclusion and equity to life – where differences are celebrated, and employees of all backgrounds are empowered to thrive. We aim to ensure equity and inclusion aren’t siloed but ingrained in the very fabric of our organization. This means we actively challenge each and every one of our employees to be change agents and equity advocates, taking direct ownership over advancing a culture of inclusion.

Marketing Team Onsite in Rhode Island
Benjamin Bakija, eServices/Training Specialist
Amila Arapčić, Senior Team Lead
Shequita Washington PMP, Director, Operations Enablement

What we are working on

Our people are our priority, and we want to invest in their health and happiness. We have so much more than a strong, supportive company culture – we have a shared vision and value system for a more inclusive, and just world.

  • Education & Learning

    We provide formal and informal learning opportunities to create greater awareness, understanding and actions related to core DEI concepts.

  • Inclusive Hiring

    We weave DEI throughout our talent acquisition process, from embedding inclusive language in our job descriptions to ensuring a diverse hiring slate.

  • Professional Development

    We provide mentorship and sponsorship programs that advance the development of our underrepresented employees and increase the diversity of our talent pipeline.

  • DEI Council

    The DEI council sets short-term and long-term DEI goals, provides organizational feedback, works on issue-based committees, and serves as DEI ambassadors across the organization.

  • Events & Programs

    From Black History Month to Pride, we offer programs and initiatives that promote an engaging and inclusive employee experiences

  • Employee Storytelling

    We believe in the power of storytelling! In our internal video series, VP employees share a bit about an aspect of their identity, background, or life that we wouldn’t know “just by looking at them.”

Employee Impact Groups

Our employee impact groups offer opportunities for affinity-based support, community, and mentorship. They work to create a culture of belonging that advances Virgin Pulse’s business objectives. At Virgin Pulse we emphasize impact because VP EIGs drive culture, challenge the status quo, empower underrepresented groups and uplift the collective VP community.

Celebrating Differences Webinar Replay

It’s time to activate change

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