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Gap-Closing Campaign Strategies for Medicare Advantage Plans

What does it take to nudge a Medicare Advantage member to schedule a preventive cancer screening appointment? How do you motivate different members to show up to their chronic care appointments? And how do you identify and deploy what is needed to make both of these things happen?

These are just some of the questions that health plan marketing and clinical teams continue to try to solution – and for good reason, your HEDIS and Star Ratings quality measures, member experience, and your organization’s bottom line require it.

With four months left in the year, taking no action is not an option. Learn from the experts that help Medicare Advantage health plans improve their ratings and close critical gaps in care by deploying ROI-driven campaigns.

Here are 3 tips our member engagement experts recommend plans leverage to execute more effective gaps in care campaigns.

  1. Use enhanced data and predictive analytics to understand your members

Clinical and claims eligibility data tell who your member is from a clinical standpoint, but only represents 30% of their health status. Enhanced data, including social determinants of health, fills in the other 70%. Once you have this full picture of each member, predictive models can tell you who’s likely to leave a care gap open, as well as who’s likely to respond to your messages and which communications channels they prefer.

2. Target members with relevant messages

Optimize outreach by creating targeted lists for each campaign based on your data insights. For example, if Jose already had his colonoscopy but still needs a diabetes exam, don’t send him colon cancer screening reminders just because it is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Instead, focus on educating and motivating him to come in for his diabetes screenings. When Jose gets relevant messaging, he will not only pay attention but also feel as if you know him personally.

3. Use multi-channel outreach to reach members where they are

Campaign effectiveness can increase by up to 300% when leveraging 4 or more communications channels, according to Gartner research. Once you know what channels a member prefers, make sure you use them to share relevant, motivating messages. Virgin Pulse runs fully integrated campaigns for our clients using up to 8 different channels, including automated voice (IVR) calls, email, direct mail, text messaging, social, and others to create “surround sound” outreach.  

This is hard work; Virgin Pulse can help

Not every member is the same, and not every member is going to respond to a single blast PSA to get a recommended screening. Members have different preferences, values, and needs when it comes to their health and how it is communicated to them. Using data to create campaigns allows plans to develop a more targeted approach and personalized communication efforts. Virgin Pulse’s intelligent outreach solutions make it easy for health plans of all types to reach the right members, at the right, with the right channels and messages. When this happens, members use their available benefits, adhere to prescribed medications, come in for vaccines or wellness visits, and re-enroll in their health plan. This benefits the plan’s work to boost quality care and supports higher Star Ratings in the future. Contact us to learn more about the gaps in care and other member activation solutions we offer.

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