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From Stressed to Supported: Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

For many of us, work is a major part of our lives. It’s where we spend about a quarter of each week, where we receive an income and where we build community and friendships. 

A fulfilling job can be good for mental health and wellbeing, yet everyone experiences periods of feeling like too much has piled up in our work and personal spheres. Plus, mental health doesn’t stay the same. It can fluctuate as we move through different circumstances and stages of our lives. 

A workplace that addresses employee mental health and seeks to make improvements to its work culture provides a number of benefits for the organization and the employed individuals. This includes enabling individuals to make the most of their potential and increasing work productivity. 

Especially these days, employers are looking for ways to improve mental health in the workplace. The right digital health tools can make all the difference. Learn how Virgin Pulse can help your organization improve mental health at work.

Why Mental Health in the Workplace Matters

With the modern workforce facing alarming rates of mental health issues, supporting employees’ emotional wellbeing has never been more critical. Here are some figures according to a recent report from Mental Health America:

  • Nine in 10 employees report that their workplace stress affects their mental health.
  • Three in five people are not receiving adequate support from their supervisors when it comes to managing that stress.
  • Four in five employees feel emotionally drained from their work, which is an early sign of burnout.
  • Only 5% of employees strongly agree that their place of work provides a safe working environment for employees who live with mental illness. 

Clearly, mental health issues are not just personal issues. They can also impact productivity, satisfaction, absenteeism and more — all of which can significantly affect your organization overall.

How Virgin Pulse Supports Mental Health

Mental health plays an essential role in Virgin Pulse’s holistic approach to wellbeing. Solutions work together to support five key areas of mental health, including stress, depression and anxiety, sleep, substance use and resilience.

1. Mental Health Programs

No two employee experiences are identical, which is why we provide the following services through VP Live:

  • Mental health screenings that examine an individual’s emotional health to identify any mental health concerns to take action around. 
  • Coaching from specialized coaches who blend behavior change science with helping employees identify their values so that they can transform personal wellbeing goals into tangible action. 
  • Habit tracking that helps individuals stay on top of daily wellness behaviors that they would like to focus on and improve. 

The list of VP Live services goes on, each one tailored to each person’s unique health journey.

2. Stress Management

According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of employees experience stress on the job. Nearly half of that number report needing guidance for managing their stress. 

Stress management programs are designed to reduce stress, anxiety and burnout by providing tips and tools to promote overall wellbeing in the workplace. While some stress management programs are delivered directly to the user through a digital program, employers can also design physical changes to the environment, such as designating areas of the building for breaks or mindfulness sessions. 

3. Mindfulness Sessions

Mindfulness practices have existed in other cultures for a long time, and the benefits of these practices are being recognized by leaders in corporate cultures more and more. Not only does mindfulness lower stress in the moment, it also helps filter out distracting stimuli, focus on the task at hand and reduce depression and anxiety. 

Our guided and on-demand sessions help employees improve their mindfulness and find focus with our partner Whil, a global platform that enables professionals across the world to be more resilient, less stressed and more productive.

4. Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and thrive through disruptions. While some people might believe emotional resilience is an inherent trait, most people need to be taught how to be emotionally resilient. Like other behaviors, they can be managed and developed. The right tools and resources can help employees build emotional resilience and better navigate change in the workplace.

5. Substance Use Support

Our on-demand substance use support, available 24/7 with virtual companions and a dedicated care team of specialists, is made possible through partners such as Truth Initiative and its enterprise quit program, the EX Program. This same support is available in an immediate crisis as well. 

Support Mental Health in the Workplace With Virgin Pulse 

A well-functioning business goes beyond the revenue numbers. Addressing mental health is a win for both productivity levels and the overall wellbeing of employees. 

Homebase for Health® is the digital ecosystem you need to provide tools, resources and professionals to ensure your employees are thriving, both professionally and personally. 

We would love to show you more about how our products help you and your employees. Schedule a meeting today!