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Research in action.

Founded in 2014, the Virgin Pulse Institute is an evidence-based organization that conducts research and advances knowledge on workforce topics like health, wellbeing, and employee engagement.

Reaching way beyond ROI studies, The Institute collaborates with leading researchers and other organizations to identify scalable, data-driven, consumer-centric solutions to the top workplace issues facing companies today.

Latest Research

See the cutting edge research below from internationally recognized academics and experts across key fields the impact employee wellbeing and engagement.

  • How COVID Disrupted Wellbeing and Work Environments in 2020

    Quantifying the impact of COVID on diverse workforce populations

    View the Insights Report
  • Influencing Networks of Health at Work

    Discover how leveraging social networks is critical to business strategy and success in today’s world.

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  • Building a Resilient Workforce that Bounces Back

    Harness the power of resilience through employee wellbeing.

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  • Changing Your Life By Changing Your Behaviors

    Join Dr. David Batman in this webinar replay as he discusses how you can change your attitudes and daily behaviors to lead a healthier life.

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  • Realities for Women During COVID: Strategies Forward for All

    Women Were Already Wearing Many Hats, COVID Added Even More

    Download the Quick Read
  • Dr. Isom Interview: The Path Towards Health Equity

    Is Health Equity at the Center of Your Workforce?

    View the Q&A
  • Put Chronic Conditions on Hold With Healthy Lifestyle Habits

    Help your high-risk population establish rewarding daily routines

    Download the Quick Read
  • Expert Q&A: Managing Mental Health During COVID-19 & Beyond

    Our medical doctors answer your questions related to mental health.

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  • COVID-19 & Vaccine Update: What Employers Need to Know

    Medical Experts Share the Latest Information on Coronavirus Cases Worldwide and Updates on Vaccines

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Science Advisory Board

We’ve brought together the best and brightest minds across key fields that impact wellbeing. Our Science Advisory Board helps ensure that our technology and overall wellbeing experiences are rooted in the most relevant scientific evidence and best practices.

Meet our internationally recognized academics, experts, and professionals: