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Virgin Pulse Unveils Homebase for Health Enhancements at Thrive Summit 2022 to Support Even More Health, Wellbeing, and Navigation Needs for Millions of Members

New Digital Front Door Experience, Enhanced Benefits Navigation, and Expanded Live Services Drive Even More Engagement and Positive Outcomes for Employers, Health Plans, and Health Systems

Providence, R.I., April 28, 2022 – Today, more than 1,200 industry-leading visionaries, healthcare professionals, human resource executives and benefits experts are participating in Virgin Pulse’s Thrive Summit 2022 to be inspired, network, and hear about new solutions and developments. During the multi-day immersive learning experience, the company introduced upgrades for its industry-leading Homebase for Health® platform including a new digital front door design rooted in behavior change science, improved navigation and transparency, and expanded live services for even greater one-on-one support.

“People are confused – putting their health and wellbeing at risk and driving up costs for both themselves and organizations,” said Chris Michalak, CEO of Virgin Pulse. “We are on a mission to help them understand and navigate benefits, giving them access to the expert guidance and inspiration to help enact meaningful change. This is at the core of the new capabilities we are adding to our Homebase for Health – adding elements that will drive strong outcomes for our members, and our clients. Everyone wins when a person gets healthy.”

Digital Front Door Redesign Simplifies and Amplifies User Experience

Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health provides a simplified entry point to comprehensive digital capabilities, live services, and an expansive partner ecosystem, making it easy for users to understand and take action to achieve their personal health and wellbeing goals. With a 4.9 app store rating, Virgin Pulse continues to invest in the user experience to provide more of what drives positive change. Now, starting with its digital front door, Virgin Pulse is enhancing the user experience of its web and mobile apps to make it even easier for people to engage in their own health and wellbeing journey. ​

The redesigned homepage is a simplified front door that supports members by presenting the most relevant resources and providing faster access when they need it most. They will experience improved discoverability to understand where to begin or what do next, even greater personalization reflecting their unique interests, and a more user-centric design to help them achieve better health outcomes.

Updated VP Navigate Gives Members Greater Control of Healthcare Decisions

It’s well-established that healthcare is fragmented, complex, and confusing. Consumers’ lack of awareness about their options, and even their own benefits, leads to poor utilization, which results in inappropriate care and waste, and skyrocketing costs. Tapping into its deep understanding of consumer behavior, Virgin Pulse is aiming to help solve this with the next evolution of VP Navigate, its unified benefits navigation solution designed to help users take advantage of their benefits, get the best care, and save money.

Building on the current version of VP Navigate, which provides plan details, the enhanced version provides more actionable information, an AI-powered experience, and a human touch to give users even greater control when making healthcare decisions. Virgin Pulse is adding provider search, estimated costs, and quality ratings to VP Navigate. A special new feature is Guides, NCQA-certified programs that encourages members to talk to a coach who understands the user’s health goals and can provide clinical and benefit advocacy. Users will also experience an enhanced Member Toolkit, including FAQs for My Medical Plan benefits and individualized tips, plus the ability to organize card information securely stored in My Wallet.

Enhanced Live Services Drive Better Outcomes

Healthcare has lost ground in the prevention of chronic conditions, with in-person visits for chronic conditions falling by up to 60-70% during the pandemic.* Many people delayed healthcare visits, screenings, and even treatments, and our healthcare professionals have been stretched thin. Technology continues to be a valuable way for people to tap into healthcare, but providing complementary live services – putting people in touch with people – is a critical element.

Building on its already strong experience providing live services to enhance its web and mobile health and wellbeing platform, Virgin Pulse is unveiling its new “Condition Intercepts” solution. Condition Intercepts is a new live service that provides users with the expert guidance and support they need, when they need it, to course-correct and take action to improve their outcomes. With Condition Intercepts, users can schedule a one-on-one coaching session with their primary coach or message their coach to connect online (in addition to telephonic coaching), enabling them to discuss goals, obtain updates, and ask questions at their convenience.

“I love technology, but people need people. When users are supported in the right way, at the right time, we see meaningful change,” said Rich Boylan, chief operating officer for Virgin Pulse. “Our Live Services team is critical to providing the right kind of support to members throughout their entire care continuum. We saw a 46% increase in demand for person-to-person support since the onset of the pandemic, and 27% higher levels of engagement on our platform when the member interacts with one of our coaching experts.”

*The Effects of the Health System Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic on Chronic Disease Management: A Narrative Review – PubMed (