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Benefits Hub: Not Another Buzzword

As your organization’s point of contact for employee resources, you’re well versed with the lexicon and know all the common buzzwords. Looking past employee benefit packages, there’s one piece to benefits that can’t be treated as just another buzzword: an employee benefits hub.

What is a Benefits Hub?

You’ve probably heard the term benefits hub being thrown around, but what does it mean for you? At Welltok, we define our benefits hub as your one-stop-shop (and single contract!) for aggregating benefits, making it easy for employees to find and engage in personalized resources while also reducing the administrative burden for you.

What’s All the Buzz About?

One of our clients shared that their employees use an average of 12 different applications each day just to do their daily work. When you add on employee and healthcare benefits, HR resources, training and company information, each with their own website and login, you’re making it hard for employees to engage and use the benefits that you’ve carefully curated for them. This can lead to low engagement due to limited time and ability to find relevant resources. You can overcome low engagement in wellbeing programs by aggregating all benefits in one place, making it easy for employees to quickly find and access the programs you’ve invested in.

What Else Should a Benefits Hub Do?

A comprehensive benefits hub should also help you track engagement within your benefits programs, offering integrated reporting tools to help you measure which programs employees are engaging with and which programs aren’t being used at all.

We’ve seen many organizations across the nation struggle to meet the full potential of their employee benefits programs, which is why we are proud to help our clients to create a user friendly, one-stop-shop for employee benefits. Our team is ready to help you, help your employees. Let’s talk!