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How to Successfully Drive COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness, Compliance & Confirmation

Your organization’s work has always been important. But as a COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer, all eyes are on you as a lifeline out of this pandemic.

While FDA approval of a vaccine is a major milestone, when it comes to COVID-19, the next big hurdle is getting people fully immunized. Research has shown that people are only compliant about half the time when it comes to multi-dose vaccines and chronic condition medication therapies, even when potentially life-saving and provided for free. 

As Kara Gavin points out in her article, How to Make Sure People Get the Second Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine, “this lack of completion has been well established for other two-dose vaccines, like those that prevent less contagious and less lethal conditions, such as shingles, the human papilloma virus, or HPV, and hepatitis B.”

This means the equally important second step for vaccine manufacturers is a robust communications plan to drive vaccine awareness, ensure 2nd dose compliance and get confirmation. But what can you do to increase these historically low compliance rates and ensure people get that critical 2nd dose?

The Solution Already Exists

Addressing vaccine compliance issues doesn’t mean recreating the wheel. In fact, according to Mark Fendrick, M.D. “We have the technology. Smartphone apps and wearables already succeed in getting people to take their medicine, check their blood pressure or blood sugar, or even measure their heart rhythm.” In his interview with Kara Gavin, Dr. Fendrick suggests “a smartphone-based vaccine adherence support program” is a key component to ensuring compliance.

How to Leverage Technology to Increase Compliance Rates

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them and text messages are opened and read almost 140% more than email. The data speaks for itself. And at a time when information overload is at an all-time high, a text-based immunization reminder campaign is the best way to cut through the noise and drive action. 

Welltok’s experts suggest a phased approach for sending vaccine reminders:

  • At vaccination – opt in to texting reminders using short text code
  • 1-2 weeks before 2nddose – series of reminder texts (timing based on specific vaccine protocol)
  • 2 days after 2nd dose timing – series of confirmation texts

Trust the Experts

Welltok has over a decade of experience conducting public health outreach and a proven track record of increasing compliance rates for flu and multi-dose childhood vaccines across all populations. 

We’ve been helping many clients distribute important COVID-19 information and updates since the beginning of the pandemic using multiple channels like text, automated calls (IVR), social media, postcards, email and web/mobile apps. 

To date, Welltok has deployed millions of outreaches on behalf of health plans, health systems, employers, pharmacies and more to keep consumers informed about COVID-19 and engaged in health and wellbeing activities. 

For something as critical as 2nd dose vaccine adherence, trust the experts. Tap into our years of experience with a free, no-strings attached consultation – use the form below to get started.